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Does anyone have experience with nortriptyline?

I have been near bedbound recently due to anxiety-depression. My son is having a destination wedding in Costa Rico in six weeks... I am also facing dental work that needs to be done before we go. I am terrified of both which stuns me because I have had tons of dental work before and have had no real problems with travel in the past.

My Doc put me on Effexor and atavan. I tried the effexor for 2 weeks only to worsen clinging to the bed with increasing fear. More tremors and light headedness plus poor sleep. Also I had great difficulty peeing at night. The only thing thtat helped was the atavan but it is short acting. I stopped the effexor and can pee at night plus feel a little more human.

A recent webinar by a neuropsychiatrist mentioned nortriptyline for anxiety for PD... hence the question.

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I don't have any knowledge about nortriptyline. It sounds like your having anxiety attacks. i know how horrible they can be because I had them myself i couldn't get my hair cut or go to the grocery store, which never bothered me before. They put me on a very low dose of Xanax (.05mg.-3 times a day) I hate taking medications.but, It calmed me right down and I was able to function again. I have to warn you though it is addictive, but maybe it will get you to and through the wedding. I hope this helps. I'd hate to see you miss it. Blessings.


Xanax is a wonderful drug for a calming you down quick. But you can only take it when you really need it. I was just like Maryalice, I couldn't go inside a grocery store and I really started having a hard time being aound people. I couldn't get on an airplane -- It's sort of funny-- all of the sudden --I hated to fly and My husband is a seasoned Pilot!! So imagine that oneI How stupid did I look?!

I hated taking anxiety drugs. The Doctors just think pop a pill, deal with the side effects and go on. Well, I'm sorry, I'm not one of those people. It takes me a while to get used to any new meds. If the Doc says try it for 2 weeks it takes me a month or 6 weeks. I tried several different anxiety drugs, even sleeping aids make my skin crawl. I found that Zoloft worked the best with a Rx of xanax on the side just when I needed a quick calm down. (Actually when I would feel an episode coming on I'd take a 1/4 to a 1/2 of the lowest dosage and that was all I needed to take the edge off.)I took zoloft for about 2 years, after the first year I noticed it started wearing off--I did have mono too and didn't know it till labs showed I had had it--but also the Zoloft was wearing off. I bumped up and was ok till I started gaining weight and fast. So the Doc tappered me off. GEtting off of Zoloft is horrible. It took me about 9 months of feeling like total Crap. But I did it. I'm on Klonopin and I take a 1/2 when I need it and only a few times a whole pill. But it works similar to Xanax it slower acting and stays with you longer.

Getting your head wrapped around whats going on will help too. You almost have to be an advocate for yourself because not alot of people understand whats happening to you. READ, INFORM AND EDUCATE YOURSELF. If the meds are causing side effects then maybe they are not the right ones for you. I had an internest who if the Rx didn't work in 2 weeks he'd put me on something else for 2 weeks. Well that made me a little crazy-- Overlapping meds didn't work for me.

I finally talked to someone about me --I was willing to try anything naturally to help. 20 minute epsom salt baths, lots of fruits with pigment in the skin -blueberries are the best, any berry is good they are very beneficial and naturally calming, yoga, stretching and then finally-- The I'm really pissed off mode of I'M GOING TO GET A GRIP ON THIS and I'M GOING TO WIN ATTITUDE. It takes a while ( I still have my moments) but you'll feel better. Best wishes and Good luck. Enjoy the Wedding!


I'm also taking half a Xanax for pain and klonopin to sleep in addition to sinemet. I don't like the effects. But I get done most of what I need to. Also I hired a helper a few hours a week.


I took nortriptyline for about a year for nerve pain from my back. It made me incredibly sleepy and flattened my facial expressions and voice. I did not like it but it did help the pain, eventually I had back surgery and now my back is pain-free.

I also had anxiety attacks in my 20s. For them I took Valium and and propranolol and I went to psychotherapy. I recommend therapy for you because I think you need to talk to somebody about your fears and anxieties, it is so very helpful. I also took yoga and learned to do breathing and relaxing techniques.

I am taking the propranolol again now that I have PD for tremors! It helps with that internal shakiness I sometimes feel. I also take Valium but now it's for leg cramps in the middle of the night. I seldom have debilitating anxiety anymore although I'm and anxious based person.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I am a psychotherapist myself, so of course I seen how helpful therapy can be for so many people with anxiety issues. I wish you the best and I'm glad to be sharing this journey with you.


Have you tried mustard containing TUMERIC (I use 1 tsp. of yellow) for your leg cramps. It works for a lot of people and it's not a pill.

Agree on the therapy. I was put on Paxil but also referred to a therapist. Both worked wonders for me. I'm now off Paxil, Clonazapam and only use Ativan on an as needed basis---maybe a couple times a week.


Thanks to all... I've been seeing a therapist for 5-6 months but seem to be losing ground. SSRI's jsut seem to create more problems than solutions.


You're going to be okay. Don't give up hope. I'll be praying for you. Blessings.


Thank you so much.


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