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Just Tremors or PD? and psych issues

first off I have complicated medications due to bi-polar, PTSD issues. I think the Neuro dr thinks its all in my head and the current medications for these issues that is causing the symptoms of PD and severe head tremors.

Does anyone else have phych issues and think they have PD?? I cant seem to get my neuro to listen.

At this point we are doing shots in my neck to help with the tremors but it does not seem to work - maybe 10% reduction in shaking. now my hands and exspecially my right hand does not want to work regularly and shakes when I put any kind of weight in it - even a fork with food.

I understand Abilify may have a side effect of shaking - any thoughts on this?? I have scoured the internet for info and asked my phych dr and she says "maybe". Told her my symptoms and she just blew me off.

thinkng of asking neuro dr for more testing other than the "touch your nose" kind of testing. what should I ask for as testing to eliminate the chance of PD or verify it??

current medications include:

Abilify 5 mg daily

cymbalta 30 my daily

Trileptal (mood stabelizer) 300 mg bid

metoprolol - 50 my bid

Klonapine 1 mg bid

ANy advise or help would be greatly appreciated!!


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From what I have read and heard, but could be wrong,,,,if you truly have Parkinson's, than try taking Sinement or better known as (Carbidopa-Levodopa), if the symptoms subside or go away you have Parkinson's. That was the final test they did for me just to be sure because of my age at the time I was diagnosed.


Jeni the same. When I took Sinement, is when my husband finally accepted that I have PD.


I agree


I also agree.


I agree with Jeni. My husband's neurologist told us that there is no way proving someone has PD, unless their brain is dissected. I don't think any of us want to go that route. lol

But, if PD meds relieve a significant amount of symptoms, then the diagnosis is PD. In my husband's case, the neurologist started him on amantadine. This drug was used in the 1800's to help prevent the flu. It was accidentally discovered that it helped relieve PD symptoms. I'm not sure why amantadine was prescribed rather than more well-know PD meds, but 80% of my husband's symptoms were relieved with this med.

I don't have any experience with the meds you're taking right now. You can find side effects to meds online by searching for the drug name or, here's a site that might help:

There are some online drug interaction tools that can be used to see if any meds you're taking conflict with each other. I'm not saying this is the reason for your symptoms, I just think it's a handy tool.

Here's the links to a couple of them:


Tammy i do hope you get the help you need. Are you on any forum for people with bi-polar where they will understand your medications and potential side effects?( eg: I will add that head tremors are not usually associated with Parkinsons.


Thanks everyone - I will see what Dr says next month and hopefully be able to get some answers.



There is a new definitive diagnostic test... DaTscan.


I agree or you can take requip see what that does , but if your neuro does not listen to you then you really need to find another . The confidence between doctor and patient is too important . It truly helps whenyou have pd or anything else for that matter. If you are not comfident with your doc you will not get better


I have no confidence in consultants i,v seen 4 already,its a long story but suffice to say we are restricted to their attitudes and opinions,most of them seem reluctant to try other meds,i may be wrong but i believe there are at least 39 meds for various pd symptoms,i have tried 12 of them and have researched meds for my main symptom ie tremor i have supplied a list to my neuro and i am waiting for his answers in to why he thinks i should or shouldnt try them and his educated opinion(i hope).they dont like you doing their job,need to get down of their pedestals,one told me to just put up with the tremor and get on with it.


Alanrob - would love to see a list of those medications you have compiled!!


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