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If you could go back in time

I know we would love to go back to the time before Parkinsons joined our lives, but I got to thinking about what was the best period of my life.

Was it when I got married, had my children or even a special holiday? I sometimes need to lighten my mood and this is a form of escapism that I find helpful. Memories are very special things and I am sure we all have our

fair share of special times.

I was wondering whether anyone would like to share their special times.

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Being diagnosed with Parker's was a relief but the same day I was diagnosed was the same day Social Service offered us a 18 month old baby boy for adoption. We thought we would want a younger baby but we listened and knew we would have to inform them about my diagnosis.. I heard the baby boy's story and knew that if we took that baby boy the foster parents who wanted to adopt him would not be able to keep him and they had had him since he was 6 days old. . The decision was made we couldn't take him, how could we, he was there's . I knew instinctively and although devastated we told them that he was too old. I then informed this woman who calls herself a social worker, ( that is the kindest thing I could say about her) What I had been diagnosed with and she told me that we couldn't continue to adopt. Shocked I informed her that if she didn't revise that decision that we would sue. I meant every word.

8 Months later we got offered a younger model straight our of the wrapper. Our Son aged 6 months old. We loved him as soon as he slept in our home and woke to us standing waiting for him to open his eyes.

He gave the biggest smile and we loved him with so much passion it was such a magical moment.

Now aged 9yrs going on 47 years old, he is very much our Son. We have told him about being adopted because we are his chosen parents. We told him he chose us to be his parents because his forever parents couldn't look after him..

Thats the happiest memory since diagnosis


Thank you very much for sharing this. I think it will take something equally special to top this.

Am so pleased it all turned out so well for you in the end. You are all so lucky to have found each other. Your son was certainly worth waiting for and you sound such a lovely family.

What a lovely memory.


What a beautiful end to your terrible saga. This gives us all hope - you must be very proud of yourself. What a lucky wee boy :) xxxx


What a beautiful story. Very encouraging.


Brilliant story and well done sticking to your guns. I wish you all well for the future. Wow.


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