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Intermittent Fasting and sleep


I am getting back into intermittent fasting. I am doing 16 hours clean (no cheating) fasting (7pm-11am) and 8 an hour window of eating. I am eating fairly healthy during my 8 hour window. I am drinking lots of fluids (water, tea) during my 16 hour fast (I normally don't take in much fluids throughout the day). I feel better overall with more energy, however, one thing I wasn't expecting was the effect on my sleep. I normally wake 2-5 times a night to go to the bathroom or just because. I am waking 1-2 times a night and going to the bathroom 0-1 times a night now. My husband works as an illustrator so he normally is awake throughout the night on deadlines and I greet him each time I pass him on the way to the bathroom. He remarked this morning that my sleep must be increasing as he doesn't really see me anymore after I go to bed. I didn't realize how much better my sleep has been (I've been too busy sleeping to notice). I also know PwP tend to be dehydrated so the increased fluid may also be having an effect? I am going to keep this up and will share any other positive changes I experience.

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what about taking medicine

NRyan in reply to drruquaya

for sleep? I've been there, done that. I take magnesium threonate and Melatonin 500mcg per night only. They help. Just realizing fasting may be helping too.

I try to keep a 4 hr window and eat from about 1pm to 5 pm. Started last February for the autophagy benefits and also to lose weight.

jeeves19 in reply to marion11005

And what have been your improvements if any?

How long have you been doing this for please?

NRyan in reply to jeeves19

I have only been back to fasting for a week. Try it.

Thanks for the feedback...I've been wanting to try this type of fasting for weight loss and energy. Like everything, I just need to do it! I've been tying to fatten up my husdand who has the Parkinson's but I could certainly shed a few pounds. The increased energy is very appealing.

October Discover magazine. Great article on using fasting as an integral part of your weight management program

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