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Practical Applications of the Ketogenic Diet in Patients with Parkinson's Disease


The use of the Ketogenic Diet in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease does appear to be very promising. Unlike that of epilepsy though, there is a lack of clinical data on the practical application of using the diet in this disease state. This predominantly is due to it being such an emerging area. That being said, there is now a lot of lab and animal work as well as case studies of people implementing the diet for themselves and seeing the effects.

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good one, as usual.

Kia. Hi man. Long time no hear! Hope still well. I Ketoed for 6 weeks when I was in the early stages but didn’t get much relief. But I think 6 weeks wasn’t long enough. I’m preparing to relaunch next week following Gundrys Plant Paradox which seems to be basically Keto without lectins. Gundry presents some interesting arguments as to why Keto isn’t always hitting the spot but with some modifications can be very beneficial. Have you read his book? I’d recconend it even though he has his detractors.

Kia17 in reply to jeeves19

Hi Adam, I am very well thanks and hope you are doing well too. I think ketogenic diet and anything regulates the insulin sensitivity are the keys for the neurodegenerative diseases treatment . I have not read that book but will find out about it.Keep in touch and best wishes for your new diet plan.


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