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Keto Diet & Parkinson's Disease - A video worth watching


A video worth watching

"How Can the Ketogenic Diet Help Patients with Parkinson's Disease? ... The only other substrate that it can use is that of ketone bodies produced when following the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet (KD) is a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb diet that makes your body switch from glucose to fat and ketones as fuel."

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Jeanette2372 has written about this, Kia. x

M1tz1 in reply to M1tz1

Sorry, Kia. I realised afterwards that my comment might have sounded like criticism. It wasn't meant to be but was meant as an enthusiastic confirmation of what you said! :-)

Kia17 in reply to M1tz1


Many thanks for letting me know.


gaga1958 in reply to M1tz1

why am I not seeing anything written by jeanette2372? when I go to her page there isn't anything other than this above video. thxs for help

Also checkout a book "the Wahl's Protocol". It covers specifics on non drug approaches written by a doc.

This video is like a class. I should be taking notes. The guy is so knowledgeable! Made some bullet proof coffee this morning as per this vid.

Kia17 in reply to bassofspades


Indeed. He seems to have spent years of work and research in the field of biochemistry.

What did you think? I made a version of it and felt a little queasy.

I liked it but i felt heavily symptomatic all day. Not sure if thats the cause. Make sure you use unsalted Kerrygold or it tastes too buttery.

Pretty pedantic, but good information.

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