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If you have not read "The Magnesium Miracle" book, here is interview with it's author, Dr.Carolyn Dean


I was recently diagnosed with AFib and have been seriously looking into a variety of magnesium supplements. Just came across an interesting interview with Dr. Dean, whose book I've read couple of years ago. Although, she doesn't mention PD, there are some symptoms of Mag deficiency overlapping with symptoms of PD.

Here are the highlights of the interview: How do people become magnesium deficient?

Should calcium be balanced with magnesium?

What tests she recommends for accurately measuring magnesium?

What are the differences between common forms of magnesium?

How does magnesium deficiency relate to mood and other disorders?


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Great stuff. I use magnesium chloride externally on my PD dad for his muscle aches. It does seem to help, his mag is low at 4.1. Just have to make sure you keep potassium and sodium in balance if you take it.

Sorry, but according to your experience, is magnesium better with calcium or not? Because I did not understand well. I take it with Calcium (Calmag )

faridaro in reply to GioCas

There used to be recommendation of Ca:Mg ratio as 2:1, however later it was changed as 1:1. If you avoid dairy, you probably would need some Ca supplemention, but in small amounts, see article:


GioCas in reply to faridaro

thanks a nice article, simple and clear.Lately in the evening I take some calcium and magnesium, just to relax the muscles at night, and I wondered how it was better. Now I understand how the thing works. I take some calcium gluconate, I mix it with magnesium carbonate, I add apple vinegar to give just acidity to calcium gluconate to be assimilated and then hot water, is it taste good? no! But my muscles are very much relaxed and i sleep very well.Now I have a richer proportion of magnesium as in the article you indicated to me. I tried the magnesium that says Kia, I find it very effective too, more good to drink and easy to prepare.

GioCas in reply to faridaro

I tried Ca Mg ratio 1:1 for the purpose to relax muscle.i think is much better.

I hope you had find the best Mg for you.


thank you! very much

Kia17 in reply to GioCas

I take Aximagnesio (6 different magnesium salts) which is Italian and really helps.

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