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Macuna's effect on rigidity?


Five months ago I swapped 2 of the 4 x 50mg madopar capsules I take each day for 2 x DopaBean macuna which contains 50 mg of l-dopa per capsule. I expected at best not to notice any difference. My Bowen therapist, who has worked on my soft tissue and muscles for the last four years, did however notice a difference. He saw a gradual improvement in muscle quality over the next few months until now, when he describes my muscles as 'normal' with all rigidity gone. He thinks this improvement is down to the change to mucuna. Has anyone else had a similar experience? My mucuna is only 15% ldopa so the capsule contains 85% of other mucuna ingredients. Perhaps one of those helps rigidity...?

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Happy for uou Daphne!

Wow, Bowen therapy for 4 years. My niece, who lives a 3 hour drive away, is a Bowen therapist and carried out 3 treatments on my hubby with Parkinson's but he was sceptical and said he didn't feel any benefit. I, on the other hand, had two treatments primarily for my bad neck and shoulders and found it helped immensely. It's such a pity my niece lives so far away as I could really do with another treatment. Guess I'll have to find someone more local 😊

What capsules are u taking brand and size tablet. My husband is taking zandopa and is finding very good but capsule would be better. Please let me know

Dap1948 in reply to Angora12

DopaBean made by Solaray bought from It only comes in one size. It's only a small dose - 50 mg of ldopa per capsule.

Yes it does seem to help. I have been cautious using the same amount regularly usually when I wake up 4 am then sleep until 6:30 am and take regular meds. I think it helps with both rigidity and mobility. Now I will try in the evening as well. 60 mg l-dopa per capsule which is 15% L-dopa Douglas Laboratories Made in USA GMP certified.

Dap1948 in reply to Ruffinglgo

Thank you. Yes, but is this because you're taking extra ldopa? I was wondering whether it worked better than synthetic ldopa. Mine was instead of synthetic ldopa.

Angora12 in reply to Ruffinglgo

Thanks i will see where i can get it.

My husband was taking 7 x 100 /25 sinemet per 24 hr period. Now down to 3x half sinemet in 24 hrs just to help withvthe absorbition of the natural levedopa the rest of the time he is taking zandopa powder natural levadopa 4 hrs apart and it working well in many ways. You have to reduce the sinemet or matapar slowly as u increase the mucuna.

I would highly recomend a book written by a italian neurologist studing pd for 25yrs. We have shown it to a few doctors here after reading they are very willing for people to try mucuna.we have a friend who has pd for 10yrs and he has bad dyskinesia and he is only just starting zandopa and is finally finding some relief and the afternoon downs have he is starting to replace anotherone of his doses with Z to see what happens. It a slow change over and a bit of trial and error but worth it.

Book from amazon

Mucuna versus parkinson,treatment with natural levodopa.

By Dr.Rafael Gonzalez

A must read gives u the other drugs that can not be taken with mucuna. An easy read.i wouldcrecomend to all pd sufferers. not all doctors would approve but it is sure working for the ones we know are taking it.

Ruffinglgo in reply to Angora12

Very interesting.

I will ask my neurologist when I see her in 2 weeks. Good question.

Hi Dap1948, my worst symptoms are rigidity, and affect the abdominals and probably diaphragm also. These cramps come on without practically no warning and remain 2 hours and more and the only relief comes when I stretch flat on my bed. I take Madopar 125/25 7 times a day and a Neupro patch 8 mg daily. The cramps usually start end of morning up until 9 pm when I put my self to bed for the night.

Where does one get Mucuriens from in capsule form. And does anyone out there use Mucuna to successfully reduce cramps.

Dap1948 in reply to ecurb

I'm sorry to hear you are suffering so. I don't know now if it was the mucuna that reduced my rigidity. I do know magnesium is definitely good for dispelling cramp. Do you take it? If you do want to try a little mucuna I buy DopaBean from

Thanks for reply. I took magnesium chloride a few years ago and don't remember why I stopped. I could start on it again.

MMmm7 in reply to ecurb

I highly recommend the magnesium by Dr. Carolyn Dean. She formulated this to where the molecules are in picometer size so all us sbsorbed by the cells. Can be bought from or Amazon. Name ReMag.

The OTC magnesium can cause diarrhea.

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