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Making my first recommendation


Some one asked a cannabis question last night and it was not there this morning so this is my first recommendation. I had marathon 3 hours of Poldark and my communication skill was shot. I understand this is local but look for other TESTED products that are similar.

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Hi All,

I was diagnosed 4 years ago. Thanks to Grandpa Gravity, I also have bad stenosis which provides me with pain 75% of the time. The only thing I take for pain and PD (besides PD Medicine,) is cannabis. I had not smoked in 25 years, but I went back to it about a year ago.

Taking a scientific approach, the object is not to get Stoned, curl up in bed and listed to music. It is to function normally. THC is good for Anxiety, focus, while CBD is good for Pain. You must have some THC present to activate the Canabinol receptors. There are also chemicals called Terpines, which also have medicinal effects.

With that said, there are quality TESTED Medical products fro California, Arizona, Colorado, Canada, Israel, and some others. I've had terrible pain across my Lumbar region. I got a Dark Chocolate CBD/THC bar. SMALL piece, and pain went away for 5 hours.

If you have access to this. It will change your life.


Thank You Thank You Thank You. Confirmation....

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I would like to add that a toke ir two will let me get back to sleep in the middle of the night - no tossing and turning all night long!


Yes, I do keep vape pens on my head board but will go weeks without using one.


For ME THC is important. I do not believe there is anyway to get high off the 10% THC so I will refer to this product as Charlotte"s Web on steroids. I have found a strain for me AMF OG. Unfortunately I can not afford flower so I look into concentrates so I am missing some of the CBD profile, hopefully not a lot of the terpines.


Here in Canada I get 4:1 CBD:THC drops which keep things cool in the daytime. Calms tremor and lightens mood. In the later evening I vape little "Midnight" from MedReleaf 1:1 CBD:THC for a good night's sleep.


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