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Thiamine Mononitrate risk

Thiamine mononitrate is synthetic and has the potential to illicit mild to severe allergic reactions.

The nitrates present in thiamine mononitrate may accumulate in the kidneys and induce kidney stones or cellular death. The University of Maryland Medical Center indicates that B vitamins are all required for optimal health of the liver, skin, eyes, hair and nervous system. Since thiamine is water-soluble, the body typically expels any excess to prevent most side effects. However, thiamine mononitrate is fat-soluble, meaning the body has more difficulty expelling any excess. Anyone with a pre-existing condition has the risk of retaining excess thiamine, which may cause potential side effects.

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HI RoyProp,

Is Thiamine Mononitrate the same as Sulbutiamine? And did you ever consider using Sulbutiamine to treat your symptoms, as exemplified below by the French researchers' patent?


Effects of Sulbutiamine on Cognitive Slowing, Objective and Subjective, and on the Feeling of Fatigue of Parkinson's Patients

The study was carried out on a population of patients having idiopathic Parkinson's disease, treated by L-dopa and/or dopaminergic agonists, stable on entry into the study, without major fluctuations of the motor state and without signs of dementia.

These patients were divided into 2 parallel groups and were treated under double-blind conditions for 8 weeks, either with sulbutiamine, or with a placebo, the treatments being allocated according to a randomization code. . . . .

In Parkinson's patients, treated with sulbutiamine, an improvement in the cognitive, executive and mnesic [ i.e., memory] functions was observed, with diminution of the sensation of fatigue."

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Thank You for clarifying the difference.

Will you tell me what brand you are taking?

I didn't realize that there was a difference in HCL form and Mononitrate. Unfortunately I purchased Mononitrate.


Vitacost thiamin HCI, 500mg capsules, easy swallow

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