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I recently developed a bend in my neck which makes me have a stooped posture. This apparently seems to be common for people with PD. I have been doing neck exerciises religiously every day to try to reverse the problem, but without any success.

Does anyone have any good suggestions on how this problem can be healed. I have consulted with three doctors on this matter and asked about seeing a chiropractor and each one said definitely "no".

I would be most grateful to hear other peoples' experiences and suggestions.

Thank you very much.


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A Neuro Physiotherapist might be able to help. (Not a chiropractor).


I have no experience with this but have you thought of trying acupuncture? You have to find a really good acupuncturist but once you do they can really help with a lot of things.


I have had issues with herniated discs in my neck. The therapist told me 3 things that might help you if you can force yourself to hold your neck up:

1) Set your rear vision mirror in your car so that you have to hold your neck up to see

2) Put your computer monitor or laptop on a stand so that the screen is at eye level.

3) I have home traction unit that I use to stretch my neck.

So I think a physical therapist might be able to help you too.



Have you seen the excellent review of natural methods of PD treatment given by Dr. John Bergman?

Over the time interval 8:09 - 12:10 on this Youtube video, he directly addresses your question of "massive forward head carriage," which is so characteristic of PD. He shows two patients who were successfully treated with chiropractic (and possibly other) methods. The first one was largely recovered from the problem within 90 days. (The recovery time for the other is not given.)

Interestingly, Dr. B. points out that this forward head carriage is both an effect of PD and causes worsening PD symptoms.


Get your GP to recommend you to a Physiotherapist who specialises in Spinal injury / Sport injury.



I have written an app that runs on Android smart phones. It monitors your stoop and lean and, if the bad posture exceeds a pre-set limit, it vibrates until you make corrections. I don't know if this will make long-term improvements, but it does seem to help in the short-term.

The app is available free of charge at the address given above.



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