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Which nation provides the best?

I've been reading about some of us that are facing very difficult times with limited resources. Also comments from those that perceive their care as inadequate.... and it certainly sounds so.

In that this is an international blog, does anyone have impressions of the best countries for dealing with these issues? In the US we are told that we have the best in the world. However the World Health Organization ranks us as the most expensive and in the 30's for delivery. The majority of the top rankings are nationalized systems. Last I looked France was first.

I'm sure there is no system that will meet all needs for all, for there will always be pain suffering and death. We have come a long way but have great room for improvements.

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i agree

France has had a good reputation for providing treatment which in other EU countries woul dnto be available or si prohibitively expensive

but i am unsure as to the position now

England hs certianlyy got many problesm in funding thet hEALTH SERVICE BUT Scotland does tend ot provide better for its patients

it very much depends on where u live in England as to what services are provided and what are not(psot code lottery does exist)

ranging from watiign lists/ physio / Sp;eech therapists/ social workers and primary care doctors to neurologists and actual treatments

love jill and a :-)

i cannot support the answer with statistics only (limited) personal experience


So you can't move there to benefit anything


JennyR My Azilect comes from Isreal. I get it at Costco and it isn't cheap. Have you checked other pharmacies in your area. Some doctors will give away samples if you smile and ask nicely.


Israel is very PD friendly. They created Azilect and two other PD drugs. Fox foundation just gave two of their 10 grants to Israeli companies. l Israel allows Medical Cannabis for PD

They have socialized heath care.All Israeli citizens are entitled to the same Uniform Benefits Package, regardless of which organization they are a member of, and treatment under this package is funded for all citizens regardless of their financial means. Generally, health care in Israel is of high-quality and is delivered in an efficient and effective manner. Partly as a result of this, at an overall 82 years, Israelis enjoy the fourth-longest life expectancy in the world as of 2010

Muhammad Ali is planing ADULT STEM CELL treatment in Israel, The Tel Aviv-based BrainStorm uses adult stem cells to repair neurological damage. Developed at Tel Aviv University, the company's propriety technology - NurOwn - has been proven capable of generating neuron-like cells derived from human bone marrow. The cells produce dopamine which can them be implanted into the PD patients.

Israel also leads the world in stem cell research with important breakthroughs in repairing tissue and organs damaged by Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, heart disease, cancer and countless other diseases. The possibilities in this field of medicine are almost endless.

Don't know if they are the best but they sound pretty good.


Wales cant be to bad i have a specialist nurse who is fantastic shes just the end of the phone i also have a neurologist who i see every 4 months my medicatio n costs me nothing & weve got a good rugby team this year CYMRU AM BYTH


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