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Apomorphine treatment UK

This is a new request; Regarding treatment with apomorphine in the UK , I should like to know if any others have experienced bad side effects with poor support from Britannia Pharmaceuticals when cessation of the medication has been recommended. Especially as regards withdrawal of Britiannia support when side effects become onerous.


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Hi Julie,

I have been on ApoGo syringes for around 3 years now & they have proved lifesavers when I couldn't keep any other PD meds in my system due to sickness & diarrhoea. Since Apomorphine goes straight to the brain missing the digestive system it is quick acting. Some people experience nausea & vomitting: I did not. I was given Domperidone just in case but I have been fine. I have now started on the Apomorphine pump which delivers a tiny amount of the drug evenly for up to 16hrs a day thus enabling a reduction in other meds while making 'off time' a memory.

Regarding Britannia Pharmaceuticals, I had never heard of them until I read your post. The support I have had from ApoGo has been exemplary. I live in the West Midlands & we are supported by a company nurse who helps at all stages. She works with my consultant, PD nurse, GP & therapists. When I started on the pump she came to my home to take me through the process followed up by 3 more home visits. She trained me, my husband & one of my carers in setting up & using the pump.

I ope you find htis useful.


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