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Martin Heathcote Parkinsons sufferer. No Parkinsons suffer Me.

The first three years of my diagnosis I felt sorry for me big style.

I sat in a chair thinking my world had ended.

Yeah I take 15. Plus tablets a day. I have bad times like all sufferers

One day I realised I was moaning my life away.

I wasn't ready to give up life as I knew it.

I now organise events for my local PD. Am Churchwarden. Play keyboard and entertain my fellow sufferers while I still can.

I enjoy my garden and yes I have a drink at my local Weatherspoons. ALL IN MODERATION.


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I just replied to another post this morning...

Neve give up hope and keep fighting! Your mind can do amazing things, if you let it.

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Attitude means so much. I realized soon after my diagnosis that the world around me was not going to change because of my problems so all I could do was get out and keep living the best I could. Good for you for getting it and doing what you enjoy, including the occasional drink. On a personal note, I'm curious, has PD seriously impacted your ability to play music? I play the guitar but more slowly now than in the past. Keep it up.

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I agree.... attitude is a constant struggle for many of us. I'm preparing to facilitate my support group this am and I feel threatened by it. But I will meditate and if lucky nap a little which usually rejuvenates my will.

On the music side... I have played drums most of my life. I had to let it go several years ago because of the noise level for me and others. Recently my son purchased a Roland electronic kit which is marvelous. However I am much slower!!


Hi Pauldmd

Yes my P d has effected my music playing.

I'm a little slower now but I only play in P D friendly places .

In fact I turn it into a joke..

I also do a bit of stand up comedy and that has suffered more especially where there's no P D.

After all timing is ..........................


M H -1.

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I actually thought about trying standup a few years ago but stumbling over my words got in the way. I now have a quick wit and a slow tongue, a frustrating combination. I admire your resolve.

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When I entertain PD sufferers I warn them I going to take the rise out of Mr Parkinsons and not them

I e ..Hands up if you've got Parkinsons.

No just put your hand up not wave.

We are good for stirring paint. Parkinsons . I don't suffer you.


Incidently no one has ever been offended.

It the way ya tell em. Ha ha .


Funny you say that. I used to kid my wife that I would get a hub as a paint mixer at Home Depot. It took her some time to get used to the fact that I would joke about it. Years ago I was in a cab in Manhattan and my tremors were particularly bad. My hands were in my lap and all I could think about was what it must have looked like to the driver when he looked in the rear view mirror.

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Ha ha .

Just lets hope mr Trump does t get P D near that button in the White House.

Too political or what?

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Maybe you , Eturus and I could start up a band. Ha ha

Playing the WilliamTell overture half speed.



PD suffers you! I love that attitude!


I am not my worst part.. think you got troubles.. I have red hair!!!

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Wow you unlucky beggar!!!

You must have been a bad 'un when you were young.

I'll send the red hair police round see what they can do .

PD meds wonderful for inspiration. MH-1


Where do you live ?


We can't give up , life is too precious!

Plus .................

"Every passing moment is another opportunity to turn it on around"

And anyway I wanna have a Adventure to call my own !!!!


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