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Going nuts over coconuts?

According to the video below - coconut oil (which I've been trying to incorporate into my diet lately) purportedly increases the absorption of endotoxins - bacterial inflammatory compounds. Would appreciate your opinions!

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Who Is he and why is he an expert on anything?


His name is Mike Mutzel - he is functional medicine consultant and expert on ketogenic diet (whatever it means).

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Thank you.


Interesting cooment on youtube presentation of same video:'

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HealthUnlocked seems to filter out the comments posted on youtube.


There are 158 comments on youtube site, can you tell which one you found interesting?


I also came across article "The Dark Side Of Coconut Oil: A Cautionary Tale For Coconut Oil Extremists."


I liked the liveliness of the discussion. Some specific comments (IMO):

Patrick P1: So wait the Association that makes millions putting its

stamp on high Carb foods like Coco puffs, is putting out opinion studies

that fat is bad? Self-preservation anyone? I am sure the AHA would love

to be class action sued for admitting they where wrong when they said

Fruit Loops was better at preventing Heart disease then Salmon and


Patrick P: I know you where not supporting the AHA ;) I was just making a

general statement about how corrupt even the AHA is. I was never a

conspiracy theorist before but man you look at these institutions and

see who funds them and it is like, "Wait Bayer funds AHA? Don't they own

Monsanto and make medications that treat heart disease? Monsanto makes

veggie oil?" Is it really as shock the AHA wants us to believe a

chemical oil is healthier than a natural one?

See also:

Coconut Oil – Are You Coco-Nuts to Eat It?

Is Coconut Oil Still Healthy? The Truth

Behind The Recent Headlines.

David Perlman, MD.

The Fat Wars: What's A Health-Conscious

Consumer To Do?

June 29th 2017

Jennie Ann Freiman, MD.

For historical aspects of AHA, see:

The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat

and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet

Nina Teicholz 2014.


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