C/L? Little faith in it. At four o'clock a.m. I take one ER 50/200 and I take two at four o'clock p.m. By choice. My neuro prescribed 3X/day but I adjust what and when I take. C/L does nothing for me. No effect. But I fear not taking any may be harmful in the long run.

My regimen:

1X / day:

MiraLax limited use. Only when two or three days pass w/o movement. NOT daily.

High Potency B-Complex w/ vitC

1200 mg Calcium w/ 1000 iu vitD3

1250 mg Magnesium Malate

2X / day:

99 mg Potassium, 4 caplets (99mg each)


100 mg allithiamine

2 or 3X/week:

Aleve - one tablet only/day

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  • What are your Parkinson's symptoms? I am taking 25/100 3 x day but can't get to sleep until at least midnight and wake up early. My supplements are similar to yours but I do take glutathione and NAC.

  • No dystonia. No dyskinesia. No falling. Typical Stage 1 - 2 Parky.

  • Same. A little unbalanced but no dystopia or dyskinesia. Must be in early stages, although need more sleep.

  • Have you tried Valerian? I remembered it yesterday after 3 bad nights in a row and my hubby slept well. But than I also did the vitamin C and krill oil along with the mucuna bean powder along with prayer. Too worried about caffeine to do the green tea extract also, but something worked.

  • Yes I have tried valerian and found it doesn't work for me. I can use melatonin and sometimes get to sleep for awhile. Prayers sometimes help, and during the day I can sometimes cat nap.

  • According to my integrative GP it is really important to get bowels moving, preferably more than once a day, otherwise toxins reabsorbed etc. She recommends 7 to 10 serves of veggies a day, which is quite a challenge but 7 can be done especially if you make them into soup!

  • My wife makes "adventure bread" that has psyllium husks in it, that really helps.

  • Sounds interesting. I have found the recipe on line. Might go nicely with the soup!

  • It's really great with a thin layer of goats cheese :) We eat it fresh the first day and then lightly toasted after that. Here's a link for those who want it

  • mmmmm! Kaserri cheese

  • Try putting fresh fruits and veggies in the blender. It's easier to drink all that nutrition.

  • Good idea.

  • This is what I put in it. Green veggie juice,pineapple,papaya,greens,avocado,hemp seeds,ginger juice,berries, etc,sometimes lemon or orange or green tea if no veggie juice

  • Forgot the canned Lima beans

  • Consider mucuna and egcg instead of c/l. Ive read enough about carbidopa to never touch it ever.

  • Do you think strong green tea would work as well ?

  • Absolutely yes!

  • Thanks. It gives me energy

  • to clarify, green tea instead of egcg, because egcg comes from green tea.

  • I am exploring the food sources instead of pills. And cold green tea is a staple

  • macuna should be arriving as we speak. CL/ld scares the heck out of me as well. I am trying to eat lots of lima and flat beans daily. i make a power amoothy in the am with 1/2 cup of beans and usually see a shift in symptoms around noon, very subtle.

    hope the mucuna works.will probably start with one dose early in am. have heard to take with milk..??? or htp-5.

  • If your Dr says take one C/L 3x a day, he means 1 every 8 hours, you pick the time. Like for example 6am. 2pm. and 10pm. 8 hours apart. . This will even out the doses.Then take dose on time Works great for me. If the c/l doesn't help you need to tell your Neurological Dr Also 6 ounces Prune juice in the morning really helps get things going.

  • I texted him at three times a day as well but mine are only five hours apart and then at bedtime I take them in the morning breakfast lunch and dinner time seem to be sleeping OK now

  • Sry I meant I take them 3x day

  • When you take C/L ER, that stands for carbidopa/levodopa Extended Release, which means this particular med releases over an extended period of time (8 hours). You should be able to go longer between doses, such as in the morning (6am), after noon (2pm), and bedtime (10pm). This is 3 x a day. This will maintain a constant level in your bloodstream if you stay on schedule. If this works but you still have some problems, you should let your Dr. know, because the dose may need to be changed. It helped me to keep track of times I took meds and times I had symptoms so I could see if there was any correlation between the two

  • Magnesium malate better than magnesium citrate?

  • From what I read, yes.

  • for people with constipation magnesium citrate will help them to be regular.

  • Magnesium citrate is extremely harsh. I would not use it again. I had it once before a colonoscopy it def cleans.

  • My toe cramping has stopped when bike riding after I started taking magnesium citrate. I'll look into the malate. Thanks!

  • I take potassium per recommendation of my neuro for leg cramping issues.

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