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Over medicated?

I am a 67 year old female diagnosed in 2013 although I had symptoms for two to three years before that. I have right side tremors, some trouble swallowing, and my voice has softened significantly. Constipation and bladder urgency is a huge issue .The tremors do not stop me from doing any of my normal life activities. My

neurologist, a MDS, has me taking amantadine 100 mg three times day; ropinirole 8 mg. once a day; and c/l 25/100 three times a day. Also, I am in a blind clinical trial, and may be taking isradipine 10 mg twice a day (I don't know if it's that or a placebo). Does it seem as if I am overmedicated for the extent of my symptoms?

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yes. to me it does.


I agree with RoyProp I've adjusted my meds to suit my symptoms and not when the Drs told me to take them .I take Premipexole 2.62 ER ,Azelect 1 mg first thing Ive found I only need the C/L in the morning and occasionally late afternoon depending on what I'm doing. Yes I slow down a bit, yes my Rt leg is a little slower but if I'm only at home relaxing or pottering I don't need medicating.I have CBD before bed on some evenings.

They have got to start realising there isn't a one size fits all.Im convinced that over the years many people have been over medicated and are suffering from that more than PD.

I plan to take as little as I need for as long as possible to delay the inevitable side effects of over medicating


Agree. Most patients and their neurologists set goals to try to eradicate symptoms. Lofty goal but it ain't happening. Med-dependency is result... well stated, Bazillion


Diagnosed in 2013 - my neurologist immediately wanted me to start C/L 25/100 - 3X a day. Well, knowing myself and sensitivities to medication - I started on 1/2 a pill three times a day - with good results. I had been taking Mucuna before I started the C/L also. I cut back on the c/l and mostly take 1 a day now along with Mucuna. At first my neurologist didn't think much of my decision, but at the last visit, encouraged exercise more than meds..


Well done you .we need to take more control , understand what the meds do to and for us and then adjust them to suit.

Taking something 3/4/5/6 times a day and increasing the dose is not the answer as has happened in the past. No 2 people have the same symptoms ,we all have different PD.we are not all the same age and weight so all our needs are different.A good specialist now realises this and are coming round to including us in the decision making, we have a voice we need to make it heard and be listened to

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It is difficult to answer such a question because we are not neuros and havent seen you. I rdont know the reasons for each med in your particular case either. I believe in taking as little as needed to have adequate control and I dont think this is overmedication. I might question The Amantadine

If you are in a trial you need to stick to your current meds until it finishes otherwise your results will be effected.


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