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Hello everyone

I just want to let you know that I recently lost my dearest mother whom I love her to the moon and back. She was suffering from psp for 6 years, such a devastating disease though she tolarated it very patiently. With all the troubles she had for eating, speaking, walking,.. she rarely cmplained because of her love to us. Till the very last minute she lives beautifully, did her regular excercise for parkinson by youtube, wanted to invite her friends and go out with me for a cafe ... but just in a minute she lost the battle towards the disease and makes me lost her endless love.

She has done many beautiful watercolor paintings full of brilliant colors eventhough her hands were trembling and was really a good inspiration for me and all the people who knows her.

I hope one day there would be a definite treatment for this devastating disease and I hope you could enjoy every minute of your life as much as you can, despite any diseases you have .

My prayers for all the people with parkinson and PSP.


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  • Condolence! God bless her soul.

  • My thoughts go out to you and your family I think what counts is how you play the game. Mary

  • In Jewish you say God gave and God took your mom finished her mision on earth and went to hevan you will allways rimember heras she was.God bless you

  • Beautiful tribute to your mother. Wishing you peace and comfort at this time.

  • I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. Sounds like you have a lot of wonderful memories to treasure.

  • Rasa, there is precious little in this life as painful as the loss of our mothers. I'm so sorry. You've painted a vivid picture of a lovely and talented lady. Your memories will provide comfort to you in the days ahead, and this I know. My heart goes out to you in your grief.

  • Thanks Beckey. Nothing will compensate the love and concerns my mother had towards me eventhough she was herself suffering from this disease, she was still full of love and kindness. Thanks for your condolence.

  • My heart goes out to you xx

  • I am so very sorry for your loss. You sound like a truly beautiful and wonderful daughter and caregiver. Your Mother was truly blessed to have you near.

  • My deepest condolences to you! You sure had a wonderful mother! Take care!

  • I'm sorry I'm not sure what psp is. I'm also very sorry for you and your great loss. Sounds like she was a wonderful person!

  • Psp is progressive supranuclear palsy. Learn more about it here: parkinsons.ie/Atypical_PSP

  • If you have a photograph of one of her paintings, you could add it to this post or another post and show us.

  • I don't know how to attach a picture here!

  • Thanks! I appreciate your prayers for those of us, who suffer from PD! God Bless.

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