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Just a little expression of gratitude...

The spouses, family members and others on this forum who do not have PD but are devoting time and attention to this forum are such a blessing. I am so grateful to you. I learn from you and am grateful for that of course but also I am so uplifted by your compassion and devotion. It really means a lot to me. The people in my life who care are few and so the kindness of strangers is extra meaningful.

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Cc, You have a PD comrade in California that cares about you. I too agree as well, I am very thankful for everyone here. Always remember your not alone. ❤️ Karen

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@kwinholt, @cclemonade,me three. We're all in this fight together. I feel like I know each of you all whether in California or Calcutta personally 😅🙏😋☀️✨

Thanks for the response and update and commitment.


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And Australia! 😊 🐨🦘 Sending big love to everyone on this forum, for your care and commitment to our loved ones. These posts give hope and strength to all of us.

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Thank you RKM 😁

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Thank you Karen❤️🌸

Stay strong 💪

Stay strong 👍

Couldn’t agree more. Even though I’m not always hugely active on the forum I get huge amounts of information and support- I have loving family and friends but not many can get the frustrations of living with PD. I was responding to something on Dr Laurie Michley’s Facebook page and I cited her and the forum as my most valued support. So thanks guys. In UK I feel there’s not much for me to access but get so much from the forum. I assume you are aware of dr Michley’s PD school

You are also an inspiration. The way you have tackled the desire to learn more about PD puts me to shame. I only stumbled across the HU forum , about 6 years after diagnosis, and have learnt so much. I began to realise that the health professionals I was seeing were really only interested in giving me more medication. Having said that I get most encouragement and understanding from the physio, who I cannot fault, I have so missed being able to see her during the lockdown. I was also amazed at the , usually women, who are so involved in helping their loved ones with PD. I commented on this to Albert and he suggested that one of the symptoms of PD is apathy and this affects men more than women. Like you, I feel I have little support from my family, but that is probably my fault because I want to be self sufficient and don't like asking for help. Carry on fighting, the PD community needs people like you, so we are not forgotten.

I very much agree and you are definitely not alone. When my husband was first dx I looked everywhere for help. Our family and friends were and are very supportive but nobody knows what the day to day living is like with PD although I see first hand with my husband. I am a keen researcher but often find the Scientific jargon baffling. My mother had PD and i did see how she endured her condition and my Dad was the researcher for her. I wish I had known more about it then.

This forum has been a life saver for us as the information and support from others is just amazing. It has been so helpful and we are so grateful for the sharing of knowledge by others. As you say inspirational.

Ditto ditto ditto ❤️


How nice of you! For the wives, husbands and partners who are care providers, your appreciation means a lot to us! At times, it is overwhelming, but I pray for strength as I have no one to help me. All of my relatives are thousands of miles away.

I also owe a lot to everyone here as I have learned so much about PD and how to best face it.

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Devotion like you exemplify is so uplifting and inspiring Despe.

God Bless, PD is challenging, I have learned more on this forum and I am grateful to the folks who share their findings.

I agree with you! This forum is enriched, by caregivers, and others, who may not have PD, but who care, and are devoted, and compassionate.

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