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rytary problems

just started taking rytary about a week ago and it makes me so dizzy and light headed I feel as though I'm drunk all the time. It's not pleasant. I take 3 3 times a day. Before I was taking 1 sinemet 25/100 ir and 1 sinemet 50/200 er every 3 to 3 1/2 hours day and night..24 hours a day. I wasn't dizzy like I am with the rytary. Anyone else have this problem. Am I just taking too much or not enough or what.

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Does the same to me. I'm assuming it's the Rytary or the azilect so today I took no azilect which my Neuro had increased to 1 instead of 1/2, ill keep you posted.


What strength are you taking.


I'm taking sinemet and it hasn't reduced my vertigo issues. I'm not familiar with rotary.


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