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Does Azilect help with tremors?


Just started with Azilect. I read somewhere that it does not help with tremors. I have hand shaking mostly right hand and just wondered what results others have had with this. Are there any side effects? Thank you.

Wil J

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Hi Will. Azilect is an MAO-b inhibitor. It is not designed to hide any particular symptom, it merely makes more dopamine available to the brain and that should help us to function better. If you are doing fast walking, as well as taking Azilect you should slowly be getting better, in my experience. The fast walking produces GDNF, which repairs the damaged brai cells. That means that slowly, you are producing more dopamine and you are also retaining the use of more dopamine. Over a period of time, you will be better off that taking levodopa medication, which only temporarily hides certain symptoms, but does nothing to slow down the progression of Pd.

Are you aware of what fast walking can d for you? If not, then go to my website - and start to do the fast walking as soon as possible.

It stops your body from mopping up excess dopamine so you get to use more. It made me feel sick and dizzy at first but after a while I came good. I took it at night at the start so I wouldn't notice the dizziness. It's working well for me.

Four large, gold-standard clinical trials say azilect helps:

"These data suggest that rasagiline used as monotherapy and as adjunctive therapy is effective for reducing tremor severity in patients with PD."

been on azilect for 3 months has not helped with tremors yet no side effects noted . suggest you read all John Peppers coments.His suggestions have done more to help me than any pill. to date

I was wondering what type of tremor you have fullinspections? Originally you were given an ET diagnosis. Has that changed Since then?

left side tremor has not changed since starting asilect remember every patient responds differently

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