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Hand tremors

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I was diagnosed with PD a few months ago although I had a hand tremor on the right side for one and half years ago. My hand tremor gets better during mid week usually Wednesday and Thursday, and gets worse after that. I don't take any regular medication as C/L and Amantadine didn't work for me. So I am not taking any medication other than sometimes I take Propranolol if I have to go to a social event or attend a meeting at work. I am waiting for an MDS appointment. I am wondering why it gets better during mid week. I tried to monitor my exercise and switch days but the pattern didn't change. I do quite a bit of running. I am trying to see what is impacting and making it better. But I couldn't figure it out. Does anyone have the same experience? Please share your thoughts and experience.

11 Replies
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I recommend you try to figure out what might cause you TO HAVE TREMORS, such as stress, pain , cold, caffeine, overstimulation and infection just to name a few. Took me a while to identify different these. Might not be the day, might be something else.

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Boomercd in reply to ParlePark

I was thinking the same thing could be more stress in the beginning and end of the week I have hand tremors too and stress plays a big roll in how bad the tremors are. Cold also effects them for me

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My immediate reaction to reading your note was maybe you have been miss diagnosed. Generally as I understand it and having tried it myself, Propranolol will have no effect on tremors off PDers but works for essential tremor

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As you may be aware, there is no medication that can slow down the progress of Pd. But the Mayo Clinic Trial proved that High Intensity aerobic exercise produces a substance known as GDNF. GDNF repairs the brain cell damaged by Parkinsons. Your running is that type of exercise. You should never do more than one hour of that , every second day. Fast walking is the best form of High Intensity Aerobic exercise, because you can easily work your way up to one hour of walking as fast as you can (High Intensity). It is difficult to run flat-out for an hour. It has to be a the fastest rate you can achieve. Anything less does not necessarily produce GDNF>

I have been doing fast walking since 1994, three times a week and in 2002 I was able to come off my Pd medication and have not been been back on since. At nearly 88 I still live a normal life. For more free information on what I have done to overcome most of my Pd symptoms, contact me.

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Kansas-Sunflower in reply to JohnPepper

John, how does a beginner determine when the healing chemical GDNF is being produced? I've always followed the Karvonen formula to determine aerobic heart rate zones, but being mindful that when my heart rate goes into the red zone for extended periods of time, my exhaustion is overwhelming the next day. Not sure how to determine what to change, or how hard to push, without going too high or causing joint injury. Current routine is several chunks of walking a day, but I think you are saying to walk as fast as I can (does the heart rate play into this?) up to one hour, all at once, but do this every other day. Is that correct? Congratulations on being 88 and flourishing. I strive for the same. I have learned so much from this group. Thank you!

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Astronomer90 in reply to JohnPepper

John, great to hear your experience. Just a question regarding heart rate, should it be 85% always during the exercise or on average it should be 85%. I do track heart beat with sports watch while running and try to be at 85% on average.

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JohnPepper in reply to Astronomer90

Hey Jas. I have never measured my heart rate. It is what it is! Why are you so concerned about your heart rate? You can only walk as fast as you can and your heart should be able to handle that! It is vital that you walk as fast as you can, which triggers the brain's ability to produce GDNF, which repairs the damaged brain cells by Pd.

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Hi JasI was diagnosed about a year ago, have been on various drugs to lessen the right side hand and foot tremor, currently on Pramipexole which does nothing, but the combination with propranolol for social and performance situations helps a bit and seems to give me a bit more confidence, exercise does help, iam a gerdener so mu work does help

Cheers Angus

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An excitement good or bad will bring the tremor on for me.

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Thanks everyone for sharing information and your experiences.

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I have a tremor that increases with stress, I tried many solutions , Neurologist've always been told it's Parkinson's, but now I've tried propranolol also and it seems to work. The family doctor told me that propranolol works better after a month of treatment and that I should use it as little as possible because over time I'll need to increase the dose. So I wait a month and then I'll go to my neurologist to ask him why a drug that is not needed for Parkinson's has given me good results at the moment. HI

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