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Apomorphine Injection

I was diagnosed with Parkinsons some 12 years ago and have been taking Stalevo and Requip successfully for most of this time. However, recently my meds have become unreliable to the extent that I am unable to make any plans as I never know how I will be. Recently, my Consultant has asked me if I would be prepared to try using an Apomorphine Injection and I was wondering whether anyone uses one as I know nothing about them? I would be really grateful for any comments before I make a decision. Many Thanks.

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Tried these shots. Reponse was not consistent enought. Shot, wait 10-15 minutes and it should be working but it usually gave out in another half hour.

Also, this medcation was extremely expensive . Came with nurse visits and slick intro kit. So, I wasn't motivated to try higher dose.

I am having good result with Rytary , a time release of Stalevo.


Thanks for your comments. I will certainly ask my Consultant about Rytary as another string to my bow.


Hi Court

Id give it a go nothing to loose and it wont cost you. Its the same as the continuous apomorph infusions people have. Ive not tried it but its on my list to ask to use before too long. Its meant to be a quick short term fix during off phases. Your pd nurse should know someothers to talk to as well as on here. Look forward to hearing how it goes.


Hi. Thanks for your comments. I think I will probably give it a go, as you suggest. My Consultant has sent me all the information and I want to get reactions from people who have tried it, both good and bad. I see my Consultant in a couple of months and will keep you in the picture.

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I took Apomorphine for about a year. It was exfremly reliable as a get out of trouble drug when your meds kick off on you. The Only reason i am no longer taking the drug is because my drug insurance company no longer covers it well enough . It is a drug that does what says and does it well i give it 4.75/5.....


I am hoping that this treatment will be on the NHS. I am hoping that it will suit me and give me a better quality of life.


There is the apomorphine pump which can be used 1 to 24 hours a day. There are also ongoing trials of nasal and sublingual apomorphine. Apo history goes back 150 years and used in PD in various ways since 1950.


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