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Update from MJFF regarding nilotinib trial(s) and other c-Abl related research efforts

In a recent FOXFEED BLOG, Todd Sherer (MJFF) writes about some current research efforts targetting the c-Abl protein. This includes the upcoming MJFF et al. nilotinib trial, the work of Inhibikase, and the work of Georgetown University:

Something else which may be of interest is the MJFF grant record for the current phase (i.e. the planning phase) of the MJFF et al. nilotinib trial:

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Hi Jefferyn, I corresponded with the CEO of Inhibikase yesterday regarding upcoming trials. Inhibikase will release one soon (next year) of an internal PD drug similar to Nilotinib but perhaps better at passing the blood / brain barrier. They are also asking the NIH to sponsor a trial of Dasatinib, also similar to Nilotonib - some things to be watch for - could be good news heading our way in addition to Nilotonib trials launching.


Yes, it could be good news - we'll see.

I regularly search the "Clinical Trials" website, using the word "Inhibikase", but nothing has ever come up.