Eye problems

Has any one had problems with there eyes, for a while now ,my eyes have been becoming blurred , in the distance , but also if I'm watching tv, also Iv been getting double vision, Iv not been able to do much craft work , which I enjoy,

The thing is , the other day I was outing my lap top on the floor, it was very odd, as I lowered it down it stopped , but the floor looked another six inches away from the lap top , I couldn't understand it at first, then realised it was my eyes, the key board the letters cross over, and again th eipad seems another 4 inches away from the keys,

My muscles in my eyes feels as if there pulling , is this a parkinsons thing, the nurolagist said it has nothing to do with the pd , that it was another neurological thing, I'm having tests done tomorrow , there testing the muscles and the nerves, I'm having a NCS / EMG done. Has any one had theses test .

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  • Well your nero doesnt know Parkinsons. Yes this is PD related Are you on meds?

  • Hi , thank you for your reply that's what's I was thinking, I looked him up on line and his spealises in epilepsy, not pd, so il have to sit back at the moment and see what the test come up with , but I'm thinking of changing him and getting another nurolagist, this one isn't interested in any thing I have to say x🌸

  • parkinsons.org.uk/content/e...

    Some info there, also earlier threads on here

  • Thank you for this, it makes interesting reading, I think I should email it to him , ha thanks xx💕🌸

  • Pennells12 Please get another neurologist, we're doing the same thing for my Ron. His current one is totally uninvolved with him, so we are getting a second opinion from another doc in the same practice (which they say isn't a great idea, but we've heard good things about him).

    Ron has issues with his vision as well, he can be looking for his glasses, for instance, and will see everything around them, but won't see the glasses. Maybe it's focus.....wishing you the best!

  • Thank you for replying, I am going to get another nurolagist, I need to sort my eyes out first, Iv spoken to the doctor , she's on about reporting him for something else , so that says a lot, il let you know how it goes xx💕🌸

  • When this happened to my husband it was found that he had cateracts in both eyes, one was operated on, perfect vision the other had to wait until 40% ready then remove, now that one is fine, you could not see the cateracts by looking at the eyes.

    Hw true I do not know but we were told that Parkinson sufferers have a higher chance of getting them. Its worth checking

  • Thank you for message, I had an eye test a few weeks back. I do have a cateract in one eye , but it's an early one, I'm having tests done today so hope that will shed some light , thank you again x💕🌸

  • I was diagnosed Nov of 16, 2 years prior I had been complaining about my eyes not focusing.

    when watching TV I would be ok, but when i looked away my eyes wouldn't refocus, I had to rest and close my eyes for awhile, lately haven't noticed it My guess is its PD related

  • Mine has come on over the last few months, I'm going to get a diabetic check it could be that , I'm ruling out as much as I can , went for a nerve test yesterday and there's some thing wrong with my nerve system, so il let you know how it goes xx💕🌸

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