Is vision adversely affected by PD?

Does anyone feel that they have or had eye problems which were caused or influenced by PD? I am preparing for an appointment with my eye doctor who will seek solutions for my worsening eyesight. Eye problems include tented, wrinkled retinas in both eyes, double vision, left eye magnification, faulty depth perception, sensitivity to light, micrographia, dry eyes, general cloudy vision. etc. Not correctable with glasses Deterioration of eyesight has, over the years, seemed to parallel the progression of Parkinson"s, but has become more apparent in recent weeks. I would appreciate any pertinent information and/or advice, especially that involving PO, which would ensure the best decisions.

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  • My apology to pauldmpd for the previous POST. I failed to notice in Related Posts that his " PD and Vision Changes" submitted 3 months ago covers the subject very well and has a long thread of good information. I would still appreciate any pertinent info or advice. .

  • H Ron. I don't know if this helps. Many years ago I had a scary incident, while driving my car. My left eye went out of vertical alignment with my right eye. I got serious double vision and had to close my right eye in order to know where I was heading. I stopped my car and changed drivers. It happened several times after that, but with longer periods in between events.

    5 months ago I had two cataracts removed from my eyes and they in-planted corrective lenses at the same time but I still have to wear spectacles that have a correction for a permanent vertical alignment problem. The eyes have not gone out of alignment for over 4 years now.

    I am 82 years old and have had Pd for many years. I no longer need to take any Pd medication for the past 14 years due to having been able to overcome most of the movement symptoms of my Pd.

  • John, I read,with much interest, your account of the incident which occurred while you were driving. I had a somewhat similar incident a few months ago while I was driving, (by chance to an opthomologist's appointment). Suddenly I began to see black dots swirling past my windshield. They persisted as I parked and walked to the doctor's office. On examination my doctor advised me that I had just acquired a hole in my right retina and that the black spots were specks of blood. He called in the duty surgeon who cauterized the tissue surrounding the hole to try to avoid it developing further. The area of the hole seems to be healing well but the right eye now features double vision which is more than equal to that in the left and , in addition, has now developed a retinal wrinkle. This means that the combined effect of the wrinkles and the double vision in both,(or either) eyes. presents an "interesting" field of vision. If you add to that a 10% (my estimate) magnification of the left eye over the right, xxxxxxxxxx Sorry John, getting carried away on this one facet of eyesight. Thank you for your response. P.S. I'm 83. .

  • Hi Ronn. I assume you have Pd, am I right? If you do, perhaps you would like to know how I have overcome mine. If you are interested you can look at my website - - you are under no obligation to buy my book as you can read about all of the actions I have taken in individual articles, but the full story takes too long to put into a singe article.

  • John, Yes, I was diagnosed in 2010 but lost sense of smell much earlier and had symptoms since childhood. I have not read your book in its entirety, but have learned much from your website and from records in this movement and, at present, am trying to emulate your walking program. Yours is a most remarkable and inspiring history .

  • Thanks Ronn

  • Yes, I have double vision. My assumption is that since ii is well known that Gait mal function is cased by the weakening of the joint's extensor muscles which provide in interaction with the flexor muscles upright posture. or erect posture. Regards vision, the eyes are moved by muscles which I expect are likewise effected?


  • See paddyfield's advice re website.

    Also make sure you tell the eye doctor about your Parkinsons, AND tell your neurologist about your eye problems.

  • My husband had vision issues also. He had trouble explaining it to the ophthalmologist. He had depth perception issues and often complained about eye fatigue when reading the paper. It is all PD related. Hopefully your specialist will have some solutions for you.

  • I feel my eyesight has changed with the progression of PD. I used to wear variflux lenses and now find I can not tolerate them. I learned that the back of your eyeballs vision center is fueled by dopamine. That could explain the vision change.

  • Hi @Ronn, I was diagnosed with PD about 2008. I have had double vision if I look sideways. for years. Last july was told I had Macular Degeneration in my left eye, and was given a shot in that eye. Also take Areeds Vision twice a day. when I would read the words would start to jump off the lines and or switch lines . It was very difficult to read or write. But that got better unless the print was very small. Telephone book size.

    any how I felt my eyes had gotten better, and went back for the 6 month check-up. {They weren't fluttering around. } except for the small print. Well the doctor decided that they were worse as I had a cyst starting -up in that left eye. so another shot was in order. He seemed very pre-occupied , and the shot hit a nerve, and I jerked with the needle in. and the result was really painful. and my husband said it was still swollen. If there should be a next time, i will make sure he is thinking about me and not something else that was on his mind. He usually has been a very good doctor, but that was a bad experience. It's feeling better now.

    but things are still fuzzy. Just my experience. so to answer your question, Yes I do believe that PD affects your eyes and other thing in your body. Good luck. I'm 82 Yrs, old , so that could make a difference. Or find a doctor that is thinking about what he is doing.

  • judam9, My opt. tells me that most of the damage is in the back of the eyeball and that he can improve my sight by operating for cataracts in both eyes. I might consider it if I we re a young man like you, but I am older. (83)

    Thanks for your reply

  • FYI: My dad just had cataract surgery 3 mths ago & he's 82. He said it was well worth it.

  • Thanx for the info. If your dad says go for it, I will. I

  • When I asked the neurologist, she told me that she didn't think that PD had anything to do with Louis's failing eyesight. He complains that the words "bob" all over the page. Well, the very next week, our national newsletter had an article about the exact thing! Louis cannot read his beloved National Geographic anymore! We told his eye doctor but he did nothing to help except prescribe reading glasses which have not helped!

  • ronn and Josephsimon

    Go to and do a search "eyes". There are some good articles.

  • Not vision problems, but my eyes itch like crazy during the night.

  • You may have dry eyes. I do and I am using Retaine brand eye drops which work well. I use to use Restasis prescription drops which made my eyes red so I stopped. Retaine is in the drug store and is a product made by Occusoft. I also used the Occusoft eye lid scrubs.

  • Me too!!!!

  • Just another Parkinsons sympton , and spacial awareness . Moist of opticians don't und restated Parkinsons

  • I had @Ronn, cataracts removed [about 5 yrs. ago. both eyes. and distance implants put it, however now he says that there was a cyst growing in my left eye. the one that has been troubling to me. but not a word about the macular degeneration. I don't know, I'm still not in a hurry to go back and see him, and they still aren't as good as they were before he stuck that damn needle in my eye. I was happy, , why was he in such a sweat to give me another shot.?

  • The Rx they get us to take can cause blurry or double vision.

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