Quercetin/Bromelain peak tissue absorption time

I'm using q/b to accompany natural sourced and standardized levodopa. First day, today. It went better than I expected it to go. I've read a quercetin research study summary and found in there that a mean peak tissue absorption of it in their subjects was 5-6 hours. I am using a blend of both quercetin and bromelain and if I remember right Silvestrov cited research about bromelain taken with quercetin making quercetin become more available or something. Any body know aboout that and more for my need, how bromelain effects quercetin's peak absorption time. Even if you just have some experience using q/b along with levodopa I'd appreciate any input, especially regarding what seems to have been the best schedule for dosing with q/b throughout your day.

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  • I am extremely busy at the moment and do not have time to look this up. But off the top of my head quercetin (without bromelain) is only absorbed 1-5%. As for how much quercetin is absorbed with bromelain intake, I am not sure.

    I did discover the following study which indicates taking quercetin may help to reduce tremor:

    Antagonism of quercetin against tremor induced by unilateral striatal lesion of 6-OHDA in rats

    "These results suggest that quercetin may have a protective effect on models to mimic muscle tremors of Parkinson's disease."


    I discovered this information by investigating diphenhydramine:

    "Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine mainly used to treat allergies.[5] It is also used for insomnia, symptoms of the common cold, tremor in parkinsonism, and nausea.[5]"

    And guess what quercetin and bromelain are? A: antihistamines:


    So in addition of having COMT activity it also has the potential to reduce tremors....obviously more research is needed.

  • Thanks for the refresher. Off I go to do more personal "research" with my self the test subject. :)

  • Here is an article which looks into both supplements and though it does not answer your question it has additional links to follow:


  • thank you. I have read that the half-life is basically 24 hours. The reaching of peak blood plasma level following ingestion varies widely...apparently dietary intake has a huge effect on that (so what else is new about PD meds and supplements?) It peaks in the plasma anywhere from .7 hour to 7 hour. Now I need to determine what amount based on my body weight and needs to take once a day and what time of day to take it. Getting somewhere fast. Yesterday I went all day and was energetic, with no sinemet and no unusual tremors. Problem I had was no sleep at bedtime, I couldn't sleep. I had ingested Q/B 3 times, and used a lot of natural sourced L-dopa-too much. Finally at 3 AM, I felt easing of energy level, then I had a swallow of hoppy beer and drifted off. Today none of that, just sinemet. More, after I know more about how much q/b and t.o.d. to ingest it.

  • I know I posted a while back about the dangers of EGCG and I did so to tell others not to over do it. To my knowledge the only people who sustained some form of liver damage were heavy handed dieters who drank way too much green tea designed to lose weight. The following article shows that when EGCG is combined with quercetin, quercetin prevents EGCG methylation through its COMT activity.

    Quercetin increased the antiproliferative activity of green tea polyphenol (−)-epigallocatechin gallate in prostate cancer cells

    "In summary, quercetin combined with EGCG in vitro demonstrated enhanced inhibition of cell proliferation by increasing the intracellular concentration of EGCG and decreasing EGCG methylation."


    EGCG is unstable and is prone to oxidation and methylation and the addition of quercetin helps it to become more effective.

  • Not using EGCG at this time for I was forced to stop while taking Azilect (b/p elevates). However I have to post that I had an adverse event last night. There is much to be learned from mistakes. Historically, I benefited from GABA-plex along with sinemet. Had not taken GABA-plex since beginning the experiment of adapting myself to standardized MP extract. Last night along with 200 mg MP and my normal ubiquitol and my normal glutathione precursor complex I added a cap of GABA-plex. Large mistake! Within 5 minutes I began to feel that I had insulted my nervous symptom and that went on for about 5 hours. It presented as involuntary lurches of my shoulders and jumping of both legs, stronger tremor in my hand. GABA-plex has no place in this experiment?

  • If anyone still follows this post. I have learned my optimum amount of Quercetin daily is about 400 mg. I weigh 170 pounds so that's about 2.5 mg/pound body weight. I learned that given a diet change to add red kidney beans a person does not require quercetin supplementation. But you'd really have to love red kidney beans to eat a bowl every day. :)

  • Hi Buzz1397,

    also I'm making some test to found the best "carrier" for natural LD.

    What about your daily amount of Levodopa ? Which commercial Levodopa you are using ?

  • I've only tried 3 of the so-called standardized L-DOPA products so far. The best of those is NOW brand, which I ordered from Swanson's online. I am in my 6th day of no Sinemet Rx. I have taken about 1500 mg of that NOW brand product today and had the control of my symptoms almost as good as I had with Sinemet. I know that's a lot of L-DOPA but I have no high blood pressure from it nor any dizziness. The no dizziness part is great. I was always a little dizzy while on Sinemet. Also if you noticed, Sinemet improves your night vision a little when you are taking the correct dose. Well guess what? So does natural sourced L-DOPA. The drawback is my tremor is not as well controlled sometime because I am not yet tuned in to the timing of dosing with NOW brand L-DOPA. Seems it takes up to 2 hours to raise the dopamine level. But it wanes slowly and imperceptibly to me so far. Still trying to detect a physical marker i can go by for re-dosing in a timely manner. I am considering eventually switching to a more potent standardized product. Just need to be comfortable with this one first. Which one(s) have you used?

  • The Now brand doesen't have the l-dopa percentage declared so we don't know on th 100mg of every capsules how many l-dopa effective is present. I'm looking at this product : swansonvitamins.com/source-... It is the same ?

    I'm using the Biovea L-Dopa. They were the first selling high dosage vitamin B1 with modified magnesium, a very good choice if you have the "thiamina" indicator low in your blood. They sell this L-Dopa : biovea.net/uk/product_detai...

    Biovea declared 100mg of L-Dopa available per every 250mg capsule. We don't know if this declaration is true but everytime is better then the other products without any declaration. Also see at the bundle with OMEGA3 Oil : biovea.net/uk/product_detai...

    Also I'm trying to buy the Velvey Bean (on Amazon amazon.com/Pure-Science-Vel... is declared as 95% availability of L-Dopa, a bomb ;) !!! Could be true ?

    I also tested Zandopa & Mountain Fresh but with negative results.

    Consider I was treated for many years with massive dosage of Sinemet & Sirio + Xadago, at the top I reached 2000mg /die of levodopa !!! The previuos neurologist probably damaged my neurorecpetor, from 3 years i'm fighting to delete industrial drugs from my therapy.

    Now i'm taking Sinemet 100+25 + Biovea L-Dopa 250mg capsules every 4 hours from 8.00am to 8.00pm and 1 more at 2.00 am.

  • The PURE SCIENCE product is the one I thought of trying eventually. Let me know if it can be beneficial for you. Here is a link to the NOW product I use, which is 15% and 125 mg L-DOPA/capsule, they say. swansonvitamins.com/now-foo...

    I tapered gradually my Sinemet, over a few weeks because I am a cautious person. But I think now that I am adjusted to L-DOPA, I could have done in one day. I can just switch back and forth if needed. For example, if my supply runs out before the mail delivers I'll use sinemet meanwhile. Meh...they both work, just needed to know how to use the herbal extract. Like I wrote the timing is different for the herbal. I guess it depends on what's in your stomach when you take it to some degree. Please keep in touch as I will with you.

  • Sinemet I discovered by myself it's responsable for the 70% of the "symptoms" of my over 10 yars PD that aren't SYMPTOMS but SIDE EFFECTS of the drugs. 3 years ago I found in NCBI this study about the Carbidopa toxicity : ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/253...

    I asked to some neurologists in my country (Italy), no one ever read something about this. Someone said me : "I thought there were some problems with carbidopa/benserezide" but I didn't focus on it.". So I decided finally to change the route to a natural path.

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