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My tremor exacerbated by taking a B-complex

Recently I found that I needed more and more Sinemet and still could not effectively manage tremor. After noting anything and everything that had occurred or I had changed about my routine that may have caused the exacerbation, I started reversing course. Finally discovered it was a B vitamin complex that I started taking. I am back to "normal" doses of Sinemet after one day not taking that B-complex product. The B-complex product that caused the trouble is FINEST brand, quick dissolve SUPER B-COMPLEX wild berry flavor (artificial flavor) distributed by Walgreens. Don't know what is in it that led to the problem but it is inadvisable to take it, in my opinion.

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What I myself have noticed is that when I take alpha lipoic acid my tremor gets really worse and I was also wondering if anybody else experiencing this?



We are so sensitive to everything,, aren't we?!

it is very interesting. Makes me pay attention to what I take and how I feel.

Love, Eva :)


Not sure that alpha lipoic acid has ever led to a prblem for me. What is it?


i tried alpha lipoic acid one year ago, and definitely felt it made my tremor (and other symptoms) worse. maybe it was just a coincidence, and it wasn't the ala but normal disease progression. anyway, not trying ala again...

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I wonder what the reason is? I definitely noticed it as you have also.


maybe it's got something to do with ala's role as a heavy metal chelator (one that can pass the blood brain barrier)? maybe it mobilizes toxic metals which are then being redistributed in the body (brain) instead of being transported out of the system?


I had hair analysis done and it's full of aluminum. I believe that general population has high aluminum levels also.


I use flax seed oil liberally in place of butter. It's about half ALA, never bothered me. Go figure.


"It’s better to take mucuna on an empty stomach before food or other supplements as protein and vitamin B6 in particular can interfere with its absorption."


Well maybe the B6 part of the B-complex is the problem not the manufacturing process.


Or maybe not. The table says there is only 2 mg of B6


I was warned about taking B6 by my Doctor.


Hmmm more support for the B6 hypothesis.


Strange; b6 is part of my amino acid regime.

This is what Dr. Marty Hinz has to say about it....

""Profound B6 Deficiencies

Ultra-early Parkinson's

Disease Treatment

Facilitating profound B6 deficiency

The most effective treatment for Parkinson’s disease is L-dopa.

Since 1999 there has been no prescription form of L-dopa only available.

Currently, all prescription forms of L-dopa include carbidopa.

Carbidopa is bad!!!

Carbidopa causes no improvement in Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

Carbidopa is used to control the L-dopa side effect of nausea.

How does carbidopa do this?

Carbidopa binds irreversibly with vitamin B6 and B6 enzymes.

It has been said that for every 1,000 chemical reactions in the body 999 are reversible, 1 is not.

In general, irreversible biochemical reactions are bad, very bad.

Irreversible means the B6 and B6 enzymes are permanently removed from the system.

So what is the problem?

L-dopa is the ONLY amino acid precursor that can increase systemic dopamine synthesis.

As dopamine levels are increased Parkinson symptoms improve.

The enzyme which converts L-dopa to dopamine is a B6 enzyme.

Carbidopa inactivates the enzyme which metabolizes L-dopa to dopamine.

This leads to less dopamine in the system.

Less dopamine means B6 depletion symptoms are identical to Parkinson’s disease symptoms

The bottom line

The same enzyme (AADC) which metabolizes L-dopa to dopamine metabolizes 5-HTP to serotonin.

B6 deficiency caused by carbidopa has the exact same symptoms as Parkinson’s disease.

B6 deficiency can have the exact same symptoms as any disease caused by or associated with low or inadequate levels of serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and/or epinephrine.

For more information visit Hope-For-Parkinsons.com

This information is based on research done by Dr. Marty Hinz using Amino Acid therapy to stop the progression of Parkinson's Disease.

Written by, Dr Marty Hinz, M.D.

Information obtained Dr. Marty Hinz, M.D.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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So glad the neurologist took up my suggestion of putting my partner on an agonist (ropinirole) instead of the sinemet she'd written a prescription for 3 years ago. He has recently reduced his dose by 18% after taking vitamin supplements and we're now trying to get to the bottom of which deficiencies are behind his bradykinesia. Thanks for this explanation.


Okay, then all of the patients receiving a carbidopa compounded with levodopa are being duped? I did not know Carbidopa was intended to control nausea. My C/L tabs give me a little nausea so I guess it (Carbidopa) in my tabs is defective? :) Joking around. The easiest way to control nausea if anyone hasn't already discovered it how is to munch on a ginger snap.

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Parkinsons Foundation

""Levodopa is almost always given in combination with the drug carbidopa, which prevents the nausea that can be caused by levodopa alone. Carbidopa is also a levodopa enhancer. When added, carbidopa enables a much lower dose of levodopa (80% less!) and helps reduce the side effects of nausea and vomiting. Pills containing both drugs are often labeled “carbidopa-levodopa,” with the active components listed in alphabetical order.""

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My post is a warning about a b-complex product marketed by Walgreens. Somewhere, someone with a short attention span ") diverted the conversation into a discussion on the nausea symptom common to taking C/L. I no longer choose to participate in this string. :) But thanks, if I ever want to know more about Carbidopa I'll know to contact the Parkinson's foundation. Geez Louise!


My neurologist also suggested drinking tonic water

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:) :) :)


Not sure why you would want to take these supplements (?) as vitamin B is in food. See link below for details.


in search box enter: vitamin-B

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Yeh, I intended to take it for a couple of weeks because I had 10 days of Keflex and thought B-vitamins for awhile would helo rrestore the gut bugs.


One result of many from googling "Carbidopa levadopa and B6"


"Levodopa (L-dopa)-- Vitamin B6 reduces the effectiveness of levodopa, a medication used to treat Parkinson's disease. However, your doctor may be able to determine a dose of B6 that can help reduce side effects of levodopa without interfering with the drug's action. Taking vitamin B6 along with levodopa should be done only under the strict guidance of a physician."

It makes one wonder how many of these interactions account for the apparent variability in patient's response to their main medication.

Oh dear and it seemed so simple to take a multivitamin for my age group - back to the drawing board


Not all B Complex, but only Vitamin B1.

Vi mando i link relativi 3 pazienti con malattia di Parkinson.

Per ogni paziente sono due collegamenti, prima del trattamento e dopo il trattamento

con tre iniezioni settimanali di vitamina B1 100 mg.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------

Andrea paziente prima del trattamento Vitamina B1:

Andrea paziente dopo la cura Vitamina B1

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

Bruno prima della cura del paziente vitamina B1

Bruno paziente dopo la cura Vitamina B1

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------

Joshua prima che la cura del paziente vitamina B1

paziente Joshua dopo la cura Vitamina B1

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

Non è necessario conoscere la lingua italiana, semplicemente osservando attentamente

cinema a vedere i miglioramenti ottenuti con questo trattamento.

Sono a vostra disposizione per qualsiasi chiarimento.


Thanks for sharing, very interesting.

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I was told that the CD/LD being 25/100 is just an arbitrary number and you can add CD to get rid of that sick feeling if the 25 mg is not enough.


Have a test for H pylori. This gut bacteria feeds on L-dopa (sinemet). Research has shown that treatment of H pylori can reduce the amount of medicine required.


Yes, I learned that years ago and haven't thought of it till your post. Thank you yellowhumpy.


I take a mega B complex tablet every night just before bed, because the b complex vitamins conflict with Sinemet in the daytime. Vitamin B3, B12 and B6 are very important for preserving your brain cells. The clash of B vitamins with Sinemet is well known, but we need the B vitamins especially. My B12 levels remain high during the day. A lack of vitamin B3 can contribute towards dementia, as is demonstrated by Korsakoff syndrome. I also compliment my Sinemet CR with capsules of curcumin powder fortified with black pepper extract. By taking my mega B complex tablet late at night, there is no conflict with Sinemet in the daytime.


I am happy you are feeling well on that regimen. Hopefully my well balanced diet provides all the b vitamins essential for my health. I react different to b complex supplementation. My post about this was originally about my suspicion that a particular Walgreens product is not what it should be. However, I no longer believe that I need to take any b supplement.. When I took any b complex in the evening I had vivid dreams. I have not tried to supplement with curcumin but I will get to it one day. I have found a benefit from piperidine, the black pepper component. In addition to piperidine being part of a supplement I take every night at bedtime, I get some venom from fire ants (contains piperdine) stings every 4th day on my affected hand. Seems to provide a temporarily improved sense of touch and dexterity in my otherwise less useful fingers. About 3-4 days is what it lasts so the 4 day routine is what I continue to keep. It is good to use this bulletin board to open up about our problems and successes isn't it. We need to talk about our trials and "normal" people don't want to.


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