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clearly make the diagnosis by a specialist in movement disorders


Parkinson's: Latest From the Experts

“…leading medical experts at UC San Francisco's renowned Parkinson's Disease Clinic and Research Center share their insights and expertise…”

25:55 video time

“You cannot clearly make the diagnosis by simply giving the patient a trial of medication. Giving a trial of medication too early in the course of the disease has the potential of doing harm.”


“They may have been taking a particular medication that it self induces Parkinsonism and unless that is recognized the disorder will continue and lead to increasing disability.”

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what year was this recorded? Thanks!

Well, the date video uploaded to Youtube, Jan 12, 2011, is likely very close to when they recorded it.

Thank you!!!

These self anointed "experts"need to start taking their own advice : one MD from UCSF's "renowned" PD Clinic and Research Center recently insisted her patient take more and more levodopa, even though it never worked to begin, with while ignoring the fact that this patient was taking two different psych meds each of which was known to cause tremors. After 7 weeks the MD finally gave it up.

Yes you can clearly make a diagnosis by giving a patient with PD symptoms levodopa and seeing if it works - promptly. No, you won't cause damage by doing so, but it is ridiculous to make the patient suffer for 7 weeks.

It is my understanding that it was filmed in 2006.

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