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New treatment option for Parkinson’s disease launched in the UK

The Pharmaceutical Journal18 OCT 2016

Drug company BIAL Pharm UK has launched opicapone (Ongentys), a new drug to improve mobility in some adult patients with Parkinson’s disease, for use in the UK.

Opicapone works by restoring the levels of dopamine in the brain, which controls movement and coordination; it also enhances the effects of levodopa, which helps with movement.

As such, the drug is recommended for use as an add-on to levodopa/DOPA decarboxylase inhibitors in patients with Parkinson’s disease who experience fluctuations in the control of their condition and their ability to move.

It was granted a marketing authorisation by the European Commission in June 2016, following a positive assessment in April 2016 by the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP).

The assessment was based on two trials, the results of which showed that opicapone was more effective than placebo and at least as effective as the comparator entacapone in reducing “off periods” — where a patient has difficult moving — in patients with Parkinson’s disease taking levodopa combination medicines.

BIAL says it anticipates additional EU launches of the product in the next 12 months.

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  • I think Xadago is better than this as it is neuroprotective as well as extending on time. It is interesting though.

  • I am from India. Can someone help me to get Xadago ? thanks

  • Anbu there is no drug called that. I guess it's Azilect which is very expensive I believe.

  • Incorrect. xadago is a new high performance pd drug

  • My apologies rhenry, yes I see there is a med called xadago. Thanks for that.

    From what I have read it is used like opicopone for motor fluctuations and is an add on to levadopa, but I can't see anything about neuro protection?

  • It is highly neuroprotective. Please watch this video.

  • Looks very promising but there is no claim to be highly neroprotective, They are much more cautious saying it may be - here is hoping.

  • Dear Hikoi,

    Xadago is a new drug introduced in the Europe. It is not available in the Americas since FDA has not approved it. Are you a Japanese by any chance? Name sounds like that. Regards.

  • I am not able to get it

  • I have always been able to get meds from Goldpharma.

  • Hi, were you able to import xadago ? I am from india too and looking at getting this medicine for my father. please mail me at if you have anything to share.

  • Why is this not available in the US?

  • Thanks a lot rhenry. We have a problem in importing into India.

  • I am sure goldpharma ships to India. It says so in their shipping descriptions. you will be fine.

  • Thanks again. Will talk to them. Regards

  • Opicapone is a type of drug called a COMT inhibitor and similar to others already in use.

    COMT inhibitors reduce Parkinson's symptoms by blocking an enzyme that breaks down levodopa, prolonging its effect.

    However unlike other COMT inhibitors, opicapone only needs to be taken once a day and so could reduce the overall number of tablets required.

    Entacapone is also a COMT inhibitor but needs to be taken multiple times a day.

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