Re fire ant venom "therapy?"

In agreement with my neuro I recently paused my practice of allowing a few fire ants to sting my affected hand every 4th day. If you hadn't read a post previously by me aboout the apparent benefit, I had regained grip strength and tactile ability in my right hand to the point I was suspecting recovery from PD. What a dreamer. The result I had hoped for out of stopping was to find the "recovery" was permanent. Alas after only 3 missed fire ant "therapy", I had to face it that I was losing the gains. No longer was it easy to tie my shoes, button my small collar buttons, pick up light weight items or handle keys. It was back to messed up right hand ability all over again, forced to using my non-dominant hand to try to get dressed..etc. So, I'm doing the fire ant "therapy" practice every 4th day again and have for two times now and am seeing a gradual return of what was lost during the 2 weeks I quit. The neuro cautioned me aboout doing this saying that piperidine which may be helpful is not the only substance in fire ant venom and the others may be harmful. So, if any of you decide to try this, be cautious as I am being.

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  • Thank you for your humor. You did make me laugh and I appreciate it.

  • "The best of healers is good cheer."

  • Well I was thinking of seeing if a hot shower would loosen my aching back

  • Here's an article you may find interesting:

  • "fire ant venom is over 95% anti-fungal alkaloids." "each ant produces very little venom less than 1 nano gram" "...found a series of neuro-toxins....could find use as treatments for neuro-degenerative diseases". :) Don't doubt the buzzman and his experimentation. ha ha

  • Scared of a few little ants? You're a fungi. :)

  • There is a reason that they are not called tickle ants.

  • Amazing

  • perhaps similar to botox injections then? Also a neurotoxin, but a useful one in pd, though I have not had one myself, I know this is used quite a lot for relief off symptoms other drugs do not touch.

  • Oh, that would explain why the relief I get does not come if I allow some ant stings to my skin in a spot other than the affected hand. Thank you very much for your insight.

  • botox lasts longe, it causes inflammation far as I know. cosmetic procedure. fly that by your neuro, sounds like fine medic.

  • Yes I will

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