Parkinson's Movement

more on coconut oil did you know that mothers' milk has lauric acid (antiseptic)? so does coconut oil.

I fried some cheese sandwiches in coconut oil and it spurred my appetite (for food, ok) better (sharper) than my supplement pill.

this link is a good source for article on bone broth (paleo diet) with recipies.

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re paleo diet, I have an easy recipie for pig hocks/knuckles. (I assume pork bones are equally mineral/collagen rich)

you simply boil down pork hocks until you can "pull" meat. you don't have to cook it for 24 hrs.

you must not remove skin before cooking (that's what makes the "aspic" or gelatin.)

after pulling meat, removing the bits of fat and I think it is, and skin. you pour into a dish and let gel in a cool place (it can melt in heat after gelling).

a layer of fat will form on top. do not skim until you're ready to eat prevents drying out.

you can add a laurel leaf or two, but you'll discover a distinct flavor of meat unlike pork....very sweet.

just turn dish upside down and voila, pig feet in aspic.


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