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Breathing problems with PD


Hi i have had PD for11 years now but i have started with breathing problems some days it gose on all day i have had it 5 mtimes in the last 2 weeks. i asked my PD nurse about it she said she has never come a cross people with breathing problems with PD, and ive been to the hospital. Please please can anyone help

Yours niecy64

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What Medication are you on..?

I had breathing problems with Stalevo..

niecy64 in reply to Hidden

Hi i'm on stalevo,but i have been on it for a good few years. I just started with breathing problems last week, doctors sent me straight to hospital but all my bloods and heart and everything were fine, so they sent me home.

yours: niecy64

You could show your nurse this article

niecy64 in reply to Hikoi

Thank you for your help.


Can you describe what happens, when, are you on or off etc? It's a scarey experience isn't it. N

niecy64 in reply to Hikoi


Yes it is scary well this week i got it three times tuesday, wednesday,thursday, started about 1.30 for two days and goes away when i go to sleep at night, then on the last day it started at 10.00 in morning and same again went at night when i went to sleep. Do you suffer with the breathing.

from niecy

Hikoi in reply to niecy64

But what is 'it'? Do you get 'it ' for hours on end?!

niecy64 in reply to Hikoi

when i get it it lasts all day. three times last week ,week before once,and before that it was 2 years ago.

Exactly what is your difficulty? Have you seen a Specialist? In my case I had COPD long before PD, Now I have both, tyhey are not causally related.


niecy64 in reply to BillDavid

been sent to hospital three times and sent home, because my heart and blood pressure and everything else is normal. When i asked my pd nurse she has never come across this


BillDavid in reply to niecy64

What I assume from your reply, is that byou experienced some breathing symptom, such as shortness of breath, , given this symptom, they fo und thatb your heart, etc w as ok, implying that they assumed this kind of symptom in a person is associated with heart issues, and not PD?

I mentioned that long before PD, I got PD. Occasionally, this has been an issue. I do some strenous PT for Gait, infrequently, my COPD is an issue, in that my vital capacity is around 45%, use it up and I run into a wall. Some times the generation of oxygen in the air I have in my lungs is checked. Is the problem a shotrage of air, or a shortage of oxygen in the air I have got? , it runs ok, I am not on oxygen. The solution is to take a short break, let the oxygenation in my body to catch up, and proceed wth the PT. This about COPD, not PD.

However, n another way, PD has a major impact on my breathing. Posture is a major problem. As upper torso rotates forward and shoulders rotate in reduces movement of diaphgam etc.Solution is to straighten posture or work diaphgram. In the first case, I find LSVT BIG, "Fre Walkinb" and MOVE IT, 4Gait very helpful. Also Concise Posture with Stacking (MOVE IT). Finallyu, in Gooodbye Parkinson's, Hello Life. look at "internal massage exercise, it is marvlous.

My experince to this pint.


This is a problem my husband deals with on a daily basis.

It is quite frightening not to be able to breathe.

We have gone to emergency a couple of times .

On such visits his oxygen level is 100 percent.

It is especially difficult at Off times.

We now know that the diaphragm is not expanding and there is a suffocating feeling...try holding your diaphragm and you will get the same feeling by holding your hands against the diaphragm. While you still get oxygen you will find you get a suffocating feeling.

The only thing that can help is to have someone bring the arms over the head and stretch...preferably in a rhythmic pattern. That exercise is the savior for my husband.

Also not being able to breathe can cause a panic feeling making the condition worse...then all the other panic symptoms occur.

It's not a nice feeling though not a treating one for my husband.

If you have had your oxygen level checked at the time of the episode perhaps you will need to deal with it as a more thing. It's a muscle problem I think like so many other problems it's just that the diaphragm presents a more frightening situation.

Of course this is my experience and I hope you find relief.

niecy64 in reply to leojohn

Thank you for getting in touch and all my wishes I know what he is going through .I am going to speak to my Pd nurse again. Thank you niece

niecy64 in reply to niecy64

Have you had any advice from your doctors or nurse about this problem.

From niecy

hi niecy64; i am PD for more than 10 years

I had the same problem and I've been suffering a lot for more than 1 year. it was horrible most of the times I had feeling i'm dying.

I've gone to the hospital for cardiovascular and heart and lungs test everything was normal.

It was worsen when I forget to take Levodopa/Carbidopa at right time.

I went to an internal medicine

I'v got my blood and urine test in a laboratory

The result showed my Vitamin D level was very low and my blood's cholesterol and triglyceride levels were too much high...

Internal Medicine took me some medicine to control blood cholesterol level and a vitamin D supplement.

now after a year I'm far better than that time.

niecy64 in reply to saf2825

Hi Saf

You just sound like me. My doctor has put me on vitamin d supplement, minewas at 44% it should be 75% touch wood i've been ok for 2 weeks. Hope you are ok.

From Niecy

saf2825 in reply to niecy64


niecy64 in reply to saf2825

Hi saf2825 How you doing hope your ok. I just thourght i would let you know i have had no breathing attacks ( touch wood) while taking vitamin D tablets, so don't no if thats what it was or not. I go for a blood test next month to see if my vitamin D levels have gone up.

Bye for now Niecy

saf2825 in reply to niecy64

Hi niecy64, I'm good, recently I've got some information about side effects of different oils:

I was started taking one or two spoon of coconut oil daily 3 months ago and it was good for me.

and now after reading this article I'm very happy because I can continue my program also I can eat animal butter without an fear.

additionally I'm using one spoon of apple cider vinegar every day.

Sometimes I mix one glass of milk + one spoon apple cider vinegar it taste good and is very helthy for me.

Surprisingly a glass of milk + one spoon apple cider vinegar controls my dyskinsia as well like a miracle

apple cider vinegar also is very good for cardiovascular

one more thing is I'm using Tres Orix Forte Oral one spoon every morning because its helpful to have normal appetite and be more energetic.

I'v never been so good after following this program.

hope my experence be useful for you.

Have a nice time.

niecy64 in reply to saf2825

Hi saf2825 Glad to hear you are doing ok, might give the coconut oil a try but the apple vinegar in milk sounds YUK might give that a miss.

Bye Niecy64

I had that problem with breathing too. It went away when I started taking Xadago which is a new kind of mao-b inhibitor that makes your sinemet last a lot longer. It totally went away when I started on this.

Hi rhenry45

i will keep the drug in mined for when i next see my PD nurse.

Thank you niecy

Hikoi in reply to niecy64

How is your breathing now niecy? Have you found an answer?

Hi Hikoi

Well they tested my blood and my D levels were 44% should be in the 70% so put me on Colecalciferol for two months, touch wood i've been ok.


Hi get your D levels checked, mine were only 30 when I had problems breathing, but after a course of tablets my levels went up and I have been fine . I go for a blood test every three months to get my levels checked. Niecy

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