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sleeping better

I was at Costco looking for melatonin for my husband. He sleeps poorly He has been using melatonin for years. I saw a new one Shiff Melatonin Ultra. In addition to 3mg melatonin, it has" theanine, gaba and a herbal blend," It says, "Helps you fall asleep fast and sleep well." I looked up Gaba on line after I bought it, and it says it helps you fall asleep.

Anyway, for the past four nights he has been sleeping well! This is close to a miracle!

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Will have to try some... Thank you..


I'm glad you found something that works.


i'm surprised there has been no mention of melatonin (derivative of tryphtophan, found in pickled foods like homemade sourcrout?) to date. turkey meat knocks me out although I not particularly affected with insomnia, milk does it too, but i'm allergic or intolerant of dairy products.

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rhyspeace12 Think this might be a good thing for my husband to try. Insomnia is one awful thing he deals with. Have tried many things already, none of which help for very long or not at all!

Thanks for the tip. I will check online for this formula. Not close to a Costco.



My husband hasn't had a bad night since starting this brand of melatonin with GABA in it. Before, he rarely had a good night, even though taking regular melatonin.

Shiff Melatonin Extra. I bet Amazon has it.


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