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Hello I was wondering if anyone out there with CBD is having any if the follow feelings. Lately he seems to lean more to one side when he sits, legs feel weak and has a lot of pain. We are still working on getting the marijuana until we do I feel like he his going down hill very fast. He says his afraid to go to sleep like something is going to happen. Keeps talking about the past and crys often too. Marg

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  • That is what my husband does at times. I noticed it last year or so that when he leans it seemed like another symptom would show. Like when his walking started getting bad, as it worsened he'd lean, when the meaning stopped is when I would notice a change. Most of the time he would lean to the left which is where this all began. When his right started to deteriorate he would lean that direction, but mostly to the left with everything else. My guy cries too, most of the time it just comes out and when he starts it takes a while to calm down. The Dr has him on cynamet and cymbalta for anxiety and depression, it has helped some. He was leaning the other day and I noticed test s today that his left foot is beginning to turn in. He was diagnosed in 2012. This last 4 years has been such a roller coaster ride of emotion. He was able to walk, talk, write, etc. when he was first diagnosed. Today he is on Hospice for care, either is in a wheelchair or hospital bed because he tends to lean forward and there is that fall issue.

  • how long has he had pd? surely more than 4 years.

  • My husband who takes CBD is wondering if it makes his sleep problems worse in the middle of the night. I don't think it makes him sad. I believe it's just the dopamine levels being disrupted in the brain and it makes for varying symptoms, constantly. My husband doesn't lean left. He is 76, and interestingly enough, is outliving many of his friends, and though weak, is still enjoying life with his mind intact . The marijuana probably would help your husbands' pain. My husband has no pain.

    Has your husband tried a glass of wine? That helps my husbands' shaking more than anything.

  • I, too, seated leaning to the right last Nov. By March I could walk only with a walker and the pain was debilitating. I had been under a Dr.s care since the previous June but they missed the diagnosis of scoliosis brought on by Parkinson's. Long story short; I had an eight hr surgery last month to straighten my spine. I am wearing a brace for three months;, but the good news is my spine is straight, I have little to no pain, and I am two inches taller!!

  • That's some good news, we have been to a orthopedic surgeon but he said to try a pain management dr. He went for epodorle shots last month they didn't do anything for his pain we go again tomorrow guess we will see what the dr says, thank you and I'm glad you are feeling better. God bless

  • Alex Kertens book Goodbye Parkinson's, Hello Life. Has a chapter (18), which speaks to your Post.


  • Thanks, BillDavid, just got that book. I'll be sure to read that chapter pronto!

  • There are several youtube videos which address Gyro Kinetics. I find the Breathing Exercises (Internal Massage) especially helpful. To Discuss book, contact me at [].


  • I'm in the middle of a book right now; but that one will be next on. my list and I'll let you know what I think of it.

  • Marg52: last summer when the pain started in my leg I tried acupuncture, PT, Chiropractic, and finally 3 sets of 3 epidural shots. Nothing relieved the pain, it just kep getting worse. I finally went to my Primary Care Dr. who gave me Norco and a muscle relaxer and a referral to an Osteopath. He is the one who diagnosed scoliosis and referred me to a Spine Specialist. Thank you for your kind words. Good luck!!

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