Hi all just wanted to share with you as well that a month ago I started on LDN, within that month I have now got rid of my urticaria which had plagued me for near 20 years, I am feeling more energetic and more mobile. It's early days yet but I can honestly say I think it was a good decision depite my neurologist saying it rubbish and refusing to give it. I felt so low at times with the pain and stiffness and that has eased. I would encourage you to at least try it as what have you got to lose.

The drugs they give us are just poisoning us , and side effects hidiuos, I wonder if the neurologists would have a different attitude if it was them with Parkinson's, I feel that I have some hope now, not to cure it but to at least give me a better quality of life. Be intresting to see the difference after 6 months!!! .

Wishing you all a good and peaceful day.

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  • I have read 4 years is the magic number for taking LDN and I too have felt much better after taking it

  • Can you tell me please what you mean by 4 years is the magic number. I have been on LDN for 2 years this July.

  • I have read you receive the most benefit after 4 years from more than one source....

  • I am still not convinced about LDN - from what I have read so far!

    Can you post the links so that folk can read it for themselves please.

    Many thanks

  • bmakla, can you be specific about how LDN has helped you feel much better?

    Have you had or have you read of any unwanted side affects from it?

    Do researchers know what it actually does in the body to help people feel better?


  • These are some people that have been using LDN. You can get more info on the LDN site.


  • I have been on it a month, now taking 3ml, I have more energy and my head feels so much clearer. I have had no side effects, sleeping better, it's safe enough for pregnant ladies to take. The drugs for PD do give me side effects.

    My urticaria that I have been plagued with for 20 years has gone. I was taking up to 3 antihistamines a day to stop the itching I now take none.

    Let me just say that this is not a cure for PD but helps the symptoms. Maybe it will not work for everyone but unless you try you will never know. The liquid form is better and to make sure that you get a good chemist who compounds it properly.

    There is also a fb page on LDN research which is worth looking at.

    All I can say that it is the best thing I have done and even if works for a few years I will be pleased. A lady in US called Lexie has been on it for 6 years and is now off nearly all her medication.

  • LDN stops endorphins at night and tricks the immune system into endorphin over production. I have Parkinson's and LDN helps me with pain and sleep...,. Also hoping to slow progression...

  • I am also taking LDN and will continue to. My Doctor started me on simimet at the same time so I am not sure what is working. Since taking the simimet I have stiffness in my right foot and swelling with some pain making it hard to walk. My Doc. says wait a while and give the med. a chance to work. I am not sure that I will be able to take the simimet I could walk good before and no pain or stiffness. I was on neuro patch before. Hard to know what to do.

  • Hi I was bad on sinemet, did not agree with me at all, they changed me to Madapar and that has been a bit better, like you I had terrible swollen ankles and my toes began to curl, still have some swelling and stiffness in my right foot and curled toes on left. However they seem to be getting a bit better and am sure that it is due to the LDN, If you not happy with sinemet I would ask to try something else, it's not them that have to suffer while they say give it a bit longer. I hope you find a solution and things get a bit easier for you.

  • Your first priority is to listen to your body - if a medication is making you worse it is irrational to tell a patient to wait - things could continue to get worse rather than better. Sinemet worked for me right away and I think it is great - for me. If the neuro patch was working for you and the Sinemet is not, why is your doctor messing with what worked?

  • I haven't tried LDN, but you may want to try Emergen C for stiffness. I've been taking it for about a year. It took about a week or two & I could tell a big difference.

  • I am interested in purchasing emergen c. On the Internet there seems to be so much choice. Can you tell me please which one you take?

  • I take the Original formula (variety flavor pack).

  • Thank you lag lag I'm going to give it a try

  • Hope it works! Let us know. Give it at least 2 weeks.

  • How much Emergen C do you take

  • 1 packet which has 1, 000 mg of Vit C & other vits. & elctrolytes. Let me know if it works for you. I know it's helped a couple of others also.

  • Yeah, it works for me! Laglag put me onto it and I'm very grateful. I'm much less stiff

  • Sorry if I'm been dense!

    But what is LDN

  • Hi LDN is Low Dose Naltrextone.

  • How did you get it? Did you persuade your neuro/doc to prescribe it?

  • No my consultant flatly refused. I went private, it's worth every penny.

  • Where did you find a doctor to prescribe it, my neuro does not want me to try it

  • Are you in the UK?

  • In the USA, was just curious , thanks for the reply

  • Hi,

    can you let me know in what form you are taking LDN , Capsule, tablet or liqu id and

    where may I purchase it,

  • Hi I take in liquid from and get from a clinic in Scotland, this is done privately. If you would like any more info then message me. I'M IN UK. You can find clinics on the LDN site for worldwide treatments.

  • Stupid question: What is LDN?

  • Low Dose Naltrexone. Naltrexone is an opiate antagonist.

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