Hi all, have you heard of this? Clinical trials are starting for "MM201." It sounds like the buildup may be overly optimistic, at least just yet. And they don't offer much information about how exactly the medication would work. But it sure sounds interesting.

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  • Thanks for posting. Hope keeps us all inspired Interesting that an immigrant is the ceo and leader of this research. In

  • Yah!

  • Yup-I have been waiting for this!!!

  • From what I can tell, they are looking for funding for phase I trials. That said, if their product crosses the bbb, they have made a significant breakthrough. I'll keep track of this.

  • Great, please keep this community posted!

  • Only problem for me is "it takes 7-10 years" for a drug to be approved. Can I make it that long?

  • If we got people from all over who either have PD or have known someone who did to write letters urging a "fast track," would it do any good, I wonder ... ?

  • Worth a try.

  • Yes, I believe so. Just look how quickly aides disappeared. There were protests and rallies all the time until people got help.

  • This Sounds exciting.

    But Fox News caried the same story a over year ago. So I'm not holding my breath for anything soon.

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