Weak leg spells

I had a heart attack and was hospitalized and

A stint put in two months ago. Question? I have PD and I get these spells where my legs go weak and I go down if I can't get to something to hold on to right then. I've fallen a few times, banging my head bad once. They come out of nowhere, no waning. I fell on my face in my sons kitchen. Fell on my kitchen floor yesterday. I also have early Alzheimer's that a pet scan showed recently. I walk my dogs and do strengthing exercises. I don't feel much like doing anything for fear of a spell when I'm out. I'm on blood thinner and s new cholesterol med. since the heart attack. Anybody else get these spells or know why?

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  • This will sound very simplistic, but my husband, who has Parkinson's, had a lot of dizziness, fainting feelings, and brain fog. He was advised to drink a lot of water each day and greatly improved. He had been dehydrated.

  • Hi, I think weak legs, weak everything is part and parcel :( I suggest exercise, exercise, exercise! I do Bio Kinetics and yoga, walking is GREAT!!! For the early Alzheimers I strongly suggest as much coconut oil as you can put up with!

    good Luck!!!

  • Blue-jeans - can I ask what kind of coconut oil you use? Do you just take it on a spoon?

  • Read Mary Newports book on coconut oil. She explains it all.

  • I'm in South Africa and buy a tub of Coconut Oil from the chemist, which if the weather is cold is really coconut butter, and like Donzim says, either google it or get a the book she suggests. I have it any which way, as a salad dressing, cook with it, I have a big spoon in my hot porridge if I have. I saw a video where a doctor gave it to her badly affected husband who really improved, I'll look to see if I can find it and post it here. :)

  • That's Mary Newport whose husband has early onset Alzheimer's.

  • OK, so after telling you about the Coconut oil video I saw, I googled 'coconut oil and alzheimers' and found a mountain of articles FOR and AGAINST. hoaxes, arguments etc. Like everything else you are just going to have to read and decide whether to take it or not and then make up your mind if it's helping or not. I don't think I have dementia or Alzheimer's, my family might disagree :) , my PD is getting worse, but very slowly, so I'm relatively happy, so I'm continuing to do as I have been!

  • Thanks Blue-jeans (and everyone else). I did the research but was a bit puzzled as how to best take the oil. In my naivety, I thought it would be a liquid oil and was a little puzzled when confronted with a tin of hard stuff! But I'm putting it in my morning smoothie and I will see how I get on!

  • I actually found a liquid!!! Carrington farms coconut cooking oil.

  • Probably the oil is good for some but not all, hence the variety of opinions.

    I can say that my husband benefitted from it dramatically. Much more energy which makes sense with people who metabolically aren't able to get their energy from carbs and must get them from fat. A simple way to understand this is to read up on polysaccharide myopathy in horses, aka, 'tying up'.

    The solution is to give certain fats from which to glean energy, no or limited carbs, certain supplements. Steady but not strenuous exercise.

    Not everyone has such a metabolic problem but some do. Reading on the Leto diet will also help understanding the effect of carbs on the electrical system. Not everyone is affected but those who are can have seizures. A good movie with Meryl Streep is First, Do No Harm, about a true story of the effects of a keto diet.

    I am not recommending that for PD (although I see people are experimenting with it), just as information re the sensitivity of the brains electrical system.

  • When the coconut oil is hard, it's sometimes a pain to use. My husband put the oil in it's liquid stage into a storage container and when it hardened, cut it into squares. Then it was easy to add to his cereal and other food items.

  • Hi stevie3, I read somewhere that Nutiva is a good brand of coconut oil to try first off as it is more easily tolerated. Sometimes coconut oil can upset your tummy. I started my husband on Nutiva until he became used to it but because it's quite expensive I switched to a more economical brand. I mix it into a 'supplement milkshake' for him every day (about 2 tablespoons) and I also cook with it wherever possible.

  • Using coconut oil to make cannabis oil.

    My husband uses medical marijuana with high CBD's,

    making your own cannabis oil

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  • Very useful post Rhyspeace12, thank you.

  • Hi Rhyspeace12, I've tried MM every which way except oil, too expensive, and have not noticed any benefits. I'm going to try this :) thanks for the recipe. But, what is trim, hash and kief? Difficult for me to know the different strains as well, as it is illegal in SA. So we're buying under the counter. I do have some growing in my garden, and now know where the term weed comes from, if only my other plants and shrubs grew as nicely :) I unfortunately only have one female plant, among the forest! I tried making tea with the leaves, had no effect what so ever.

    I don't have a sleep problem, but my sister (also a PWP) has, so sleepy is good!

    I'm hoping the trim is everything but the buds!

  • We are really novice's and don't know what trim, hash and kief are either. We can legally plant 6 plants so I am going to try. we don't know if it needs a green house. We are in CA, so it can probably grow on my porch. Does it need lots of sun? Our biggest problem is deer that eat everything.

    Our interest started in trying to figure out how to use more coconut oil AND needing more oil for the marijuana.

    Maybe we can help each other when we discover how to make the "perfect' product!

  • Haha... I would have imagined it would be legal in CA.

    I don't know if you can grow it inside, sorry, I really do have a forest, I planted about 10 seeds in a container, you can hear it grow :) I then transferred these to the garden, some in the shade, and some full sun, the ones in the sun seem fuller. I got the seeds when I ground the buds! I googled, trying to decide what strain I had, and read that only the female plants are any good, that's because it produces the buds, I presume. I only have one with little flowers on it! Will share how we are progressing! Please do the same!

    By the way, lucky deer, they'll be able to fly for Christmas!

  • Our dealer delivered today! Nice guy in a van.We asked him lots of questions. For the time being, we got a high CBD refill for Jere's vapor pen.

    We asked ab!out growing it. In the spring, we are going to buy low CBD seeds, or plants (the plants are about $20 each). He said they grow like vines if left unattended. The seeds have been chosen to be female.

    Jere can make oil by cooking cannabis in coconut oil in a crock pot and straining the results into a jar. He can put the results into capsules for pain or use it as oil drops. You can use all the trim, all the waste, also in a juicer and add the product to something else.

    He makes pot butter.

    It was all very interesting. If you can think of anything you want to ask me that I might have forgotten, I'm happy to do so. He has a customer with MS who goes to patientslikeme.org to get information from other sufferer's for various illnesses, giving advise for using pot. I haven't checked it out yet.

    I had to keep my daughters little dog locked up, he has a history of nipping at people; I didn't want to lose the delivery man!

  • PS. I meant high CBD plant seeds.

  • thanks for this input, I do have a question,

    "Does he deliver to South Africa?" hee hee. ok, so now we know what trim is, I'm going to make the oil with the coconut butter/oil and I'll let you know the results!

    I also learned a lot in the article you posted, my prob is buying good stuff! It could be Lavander for all I know. My female plant has very feeble little buds on it, I'll leave it and see what happens. Last night on SKYnews they showed a house raid, and they had cannabis growing in plastic bags inside the house. must say mine look healthier :)

  • ha,ha,you made me laugh! We put the oil in the refill syringe into the vapor pen yesterday and some of it leaked out. We couldn't waste it, so we licked it off of our fingers. Jere got caught up in semi- hallucinations, so go easy on the stuff. I got fuzzy and ,"who cares." We sat down and had fun talking....

    I'm already planning on getting new dirt for our big garden box and plotting the best crop ever! Let me know how your oil goes. I understand it gets real thick and sticky, almost can get like tar. The delivery man adds water to his crock pot when he makes pot butter, so it won't burn.

  • PS. I hope the readers of these "pot" postings find it humorous that we aren't hippy pot heads; we are a 74 year old former RN, and a 76 year old civil engineer, married for over 55 years!

  • I have just come out of hospital after having being diagnosed with pulmonary emboli. I have also become prone to falling, My legs often feel like lead and standing can be a real effort. While not the full cure, keeping fluids up does seem to help.

  • Yes all part and parcel . Make sure you always keep one hand free . The postman along with another passer by had to pick my husband up and carry him home one time ,

    I would feel him gradually getting lower and lower beside me almost as if walking on his knees . He wouldn't give up .

  • My husband is also prone to 'walking like a monkey' as he calls it. His thigh muscles just don't seem to support him. He doesn't drink enough liquid because he's worried about his unpredictable bladder but I think not drinking enough just exasperates the situation. He feels safer walking with a stick but that makes his gait all wrong. However it gives him the confidence he needs to go out on his own without the fear of falling.

  • Get him to Physical therapy where they will show him how to strengthen his quads and have more strength in all the muscles which support good posture. Poor posture affects the diaphragm resulting in inefficient breathing, resulting in skewed amounts of oxygen/co2 and creates a vicious cycle. It also affects digestion

  • Have you tried a drug like Detrol for a bladder that is overactive? I'm not sure if it would be good for a person with Parkinson's. Using it myself (my husband has the Parkinson's), i only get up 2 to 3 times a night now, instead of 7.

    My husband was feeling faint and like falling all the time, his dizziness stopped when he started drinking LOTS of water.

  • I am not a doctor nor do I know you personally but you may have low blood pressure or spells where your blood pressure drops suddenly. Best to keep water near your bed and take a drink before taking any steps; keep your head down when you rise from bed or sitting position and change positions slowly.

  • you may have orthostatic hypotension- your blood pressure drops too low. Do you have a blood pressure monitor? I suggest taking your BP while lying down and then again right after you stand up.

    Let your doctor know what the two readings are. It is treatable.

  • I have had very similar,particulary weakness in the legs after i,v been walking for a while they just seem to run out of steam and i can barely walk,i also had a heart stent fitted last year because of angina/chest pain i just assume it the PD thats causing it.

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