Theracumin verses longvida curcumin

Dr Trutt seems to have changed his mind about longvida being the best curcumin.

I found some problems with his discussion and posted a comment to that page:

Dr Trutt, the chart you got from youtube is from a Japanese study that was funded by the Japanese Theracumin company. Prior to their measurement of "curcumin", they used "1000 U beta-glucuronidase at 37 C for 1 hr to hydrolyze the curcumin conjugates" which sounds like they did not measure free curcumin. This correlates with your previous comments questioning a previous study's BCM-95's "free curcumin" data, since this study found a lot of "curcumin" in BCM-95. They never mention free curcumin or the conjugates in plasma.

The data are based on curcumin in the pills and BCM-95 has 17 times more per pill, so even Theracumin's paid researchers showing 10x better theracumin absorption are admitting BCM-95 per pill is 70% better. Theracumin is charging 30x more per curcumin, so at 10x better theracumin absorption per curcumin, BCM is still 3x less expensive per effectiveness. So, BCM-95 is 3x less expensive and you can take 3.5 pills instead of 6 to get the same effect.

Again, this does not seem to mean "free curcumin". But there seems to be only 1 study on longvida free curcumin, and I can't get the entire artilce

An indian study looked at their own formulation of 6% curcumin: "lipidic formulation of CRM (CRM-LF). CRM-LF consisted of CRM (6.17% w/w), Gelucire44/14 (16.46% w/w), Labrasol (5.76% w/w), Vitamin E TPGS (3.29% w/w), PEG 400 (55.55% w/w), ethanol (8.23% w/w), anhydrous citric acid (2.88% w/w) and HPMC E5 (1.64% w/w). CRM-LF forms the nanosized globules upon dilution with aqueous medium."

They got 1.3 uM/L free curcumin max when converted to a 2 g dose. They patented it and published in 2012 titled "Bioavailability of a Lipidic Formulation of Curcumin in Healthy Human Volunteers"

They did not have controls, so the complaint you made about BCM-95 might also be made here.

What do you think about people trying to mix turmeric or curcumin in a ultrasonic denture cleaner with heated lecithin to try to get a similar formulation?

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  • I thought people on this site spoke English? I want to understand the concept as i take tumeric and pepper. However I don't want to go to school to understand this post

  • Summary: there is no evidence any form of curcumin gets to the human brain.

  • Thanks

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