changing medication timing on my own

My husband (75) was taking Pramipexole 1MG in the evenings. Among other problems, it was to correct restless leg syndrome. It gave him terrible insomnia. Even a prescription for Trazadone didn't help him sleep. He decided to take it in the morning instead, and right away he started sleeping at night.

He had hallucinations for about 2 weeks, seeing a group of people that were hanging out around our fence line in the oak trees. It seemed like they were coming out of a porthole and playing games like volleyball. He knew they weren't real, and we even took photographs to prove they weren't there.

Now, about a week ago, the hallucinations stopped and he has ambition, and is looking for things to do around the house and property.

i told him he shouldn't experiment with his medication, but he was right, and he feels much better.

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  • I've been in a constant battle with PD for 11 -12 years. Went through DBS 5 years ago. I was taking 32 pills every 24 hrs before the surgery. Sinimet every 3 hrs, Requip and comton .

    I am now just on Sinimet and modern electronics. Two yes prior to DBS I was told by my neuro that I knew best what my body needed and I was my own Neuro (within reason of course).

    My only issue is with the ever changing surprises this PD brings even after DBS. It can be very beneficial to adjust your own dosages and timing. It's harder if you have to have it done by a programmer............

    Just be cautious and aware of what's going on. We are all aware of how stress and other outside situations significantly influence our symptoms.

    Exercise and acupuncture continue to be my holistic "go to" first.

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