PD treatment in Spain

We are wondering how it would be if we moved from the UK to Southern Spain?

My husband is very happy with his treatment, and his Neurologist here in the UK, I would never forgive myself if he was to lose confidence with his treatment.

Asthma is another problem, the damp here, and cold is bad for his chest, and now with his PD, he faces high risks of infections etc.

Any advice, about treatments in Spain, would be very gratefully received, any pointers or other PWP experiences, would love to hear from PWP that live in Spain x

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  • Have you looked into the availability of his drugs over there?

  • hi soup, No I havent , i am not sure how to find that out? is there a way to find out? or I wonder if there is a Spanish PD website? I will have to start digging more x

  • There is the website for the European Parkinson's Diseae Association. It might provide a useful link. Joining a Facebook group might help (sometimes they get a bit hysterical) because they do have people on from all over the world.

  • thanks soup I am on to it xxx

  • Try facebook.com/unidoscontrael...

    or google unidos contraelparkinson for the main website

  • information spain: federacion española de parkinson tel.932329194;www.fedesparkinson.org.

  • many thanks for the links sjannie x

  • asociacion parkinson madrid 914340406. parkinsonmadrid.org.

    asociacion parkinsion sevilla

    associacio catalana per el parkinson barcelona

  • I don't know about Spain, but I got very good treatment in southern Portugal at the Faro hospital, I was happy with my treatment in South Africa, moved to Portugal and was very happy with both the treatment and the costs! Good Luck!

  • About the Meds, they had one of the medications I was on, and an equivalent of the other. Another plus was that they spoke English! If I was you I'd go there on holiday and go the the hospitals and find out!

  • Thanks for all your replays greatly appreciated xxx

  • Hi. I am also looking into moving to Spain for medical reasons. I wondered how you were progressing and would value any advice. Thank you.

  • Hi I will keep you abreast of any progress. I have come to a standstill at present due to illness recently with myself, so as soon as I get things in order I will be back on to it regards x

  • GRANADA : Dr. RAFAEL GONZALES MALDONADO - Neurologist very good !!!!

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