'MENS' (magneto-electric nanoparticles) - the next gen of DBS?

Excerpt: "With a magnet placed over the head of each subject animal, the particles were pulled through the blood-brain barrier, where they “coupled” the externally created magnetic field with the brain’s intrinsic electric field. This enabled researchers to wirelessly connect their computers and electronics to neurons deep within the brain.

"The researchers then sent signals via computer to the MENs, which responded by modulating (or changing from low to high and back again) the frequency of the brain’s naturally occurring electric waves. The resulting pulses created “deep-brain stimulation” that has implications for treating Parkinson’s and other disorders. It stands in contrast to the existing method of deep-brain stimulation, which involves invasive surgery..."

Full story: news.fiu.edu/2015/05/breakt...

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  • Metacognito

    A very interesting article. With luck Pwp and many others with neurological disorders will be able to benefit from this research. Thank you for sharing.

  • I agree - great article

  • Interesting--wonder how the mice felt during the procedure.

  • Rumor is that the mice were ecstatic when they learned they didn't have to implant the electrodes, the matchbox-sized pulse generator, and the connecting cables in order to nix their symptoms.

  • Thanks for sharing

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