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Some neurologists are Concerned about the negative impact of FUS on DBS Trials

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Effect of Public Interest in Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Guided Focused Ultrasound on Enrolment for Deep Brain Stimulation

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It makes sense. I don't know if FUS is really better than DBS, but people seem to think it is.

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kaypeeoh in reply to Bolt_Upright

The neuros here--Hartford Health--are doing it. For me they're still dealing with other problems like my vision but don't seem against it. Ultrasound treats the same area of the brain that DBS treats but without cutting holes in the skull.

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Rightly so. DBS is too intrusive, with many horror stories of people pulling wires through their heads. Who in right senses would not prefer the non intrusive, more effective FUS PTT treatment? DBS in my opinion is fast becoming old technology. I can't even think of one advantage of DBS or one disadvantage of FUS.... well apart from one, that DBS is supposedly much cheaper and also more widely available

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nedim in reply to Grumpy77

DBS is cheaper?

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Ha! Running scared because they won't have their pockets linned any more.

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kevowpd in reply to AaronS

Yeah instead you can drop a hundred grand going to Switzerland..

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AaronS in reply to kevowpd

Yes quite a expensive set of bandaid fixes aren't they

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Trixiedee in reply to kevowpd

A hundred grand? In which currency? Rupees?

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kevowpd in reply to Trixiedee

Well, I used Australian dollars for Aaron's benefit. Is it not 35k Swiss francs per side? 70k CHf comes to AUD100,200. Then there's getting there and back multiple times (from memory it would be two trips for the first operation but I'll assume one) so at least AUD107,000 provided you leave the family at home and go alone.

Even one side is going to be more than 50k AUD. Still decent scratch, no?

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Comments of one of the neurologists regarding FUS"The promotion of the word ‘non-invasive’ for FUS is so misleading that it’s a matter of time when it would face legal challenges"

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Trixiedee in reply to Farooqji

As they don’t drill into the skull and enter the brain I would say that it’s not invasive.

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Unfortunately, the link does not work for me...

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