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It's been a while

Hi everyone,

I haven’t been on here much of late, and have been getting ready for my DBS surgery which is due on the 8th, diagnosed about 4 years ago i have spent much of my time trying to find ways to better manage my Parkinson’s and ended up created MyHealthPal, which is intended to be provided for free to people and their families living with Parkinson's. We have just launched our first version for iPhones and can be downloaded on the UK app store appsto.re/gb/xqd_2.i

It's the first version and we already have an 18 month roadmap of additional functionality. We've done some UK trials and have a couple large US trials due to commence very soon.

Anyway happy new year everyone, please check out the app and feel free to make suggestions through the feedback suggestion within it so we can keep improving it and prioritise our roadmap based on what people really want.



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It looks great--is it only for iphones? I have an android.


That's what I was wondering.. Or I pad..

Thanks for any info.

Btw happy belated new year. To all.


Hi sorry for slow reply I just underwent surgery for DBS so am recovering from that, an Android version will be coming out soon and will keep you updated.


That's interesting, I'm 49 dx in 2010 trying to break into a similar area (perhaps more research than app) also looking at dbs (yet to be assessed). I use dosecast for medicines management on my Android oneplus one with LG G Watch R, have you got an android version ?How does it compare? I have to say in my opinion meds management is the key to day to day living for me (that's why research is req'd) and the best hope for we who suffer from PD at the moment. (I'm cynical about a cure) .

The problem I find is no matter how effective the reminder (and the watch helps there giving me a buzz when it's time and also helping me keep my phone on me at all times) there are times i tell the app I've taken the tablet and in reality i've gone back to what I was doing and forgotten to actually take the pill.

That's what I want to work on, i've got some ideas on what to look at and how but won't share these now. i really need collaborators and funding. for one thing, i couldn't do it on my own, I tried that with another project. If you want to discuss contact me privately. strong.org.uk


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Ron, I simply will not push the stop button until I have swallowed it. No, big deal. It's the clock function on my android. It will just keep reminding me until I stop it. Forget my phone, I have to rely on my memory. However, my google calendar will have it if I have my computer.

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I'd love to be included in the U.S. Trails.


I assume you mean trials. MJFox now has a extensive list with a sign up that asks you lots of questions and records your symptoms for trial match.


hi mike just read your post and wanted to wish you all the best on the 8th....


Many thanks, everything went well I think. Switch on in 4 weeks


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