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I have mentioned this before but need some more help with this issue. My husband is on Zandopa and supplements and per a post suggestion, I added Moringa twice a day. I think it's excellent for overall health, however, it's not giving him any energy as others have enjoyed. He naps often...He has used NADH COE1 with pretty good results but you have to take a break from it. Someone suggested the product Instant Energy or B12 Instant Energy boost....Any thoughts or ideas?? Many thanks and Happy New Year.

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Can I ask how long your husband has had PD, presumably diagnosed by a neurologist? And does he still visit a neurologist?


Upfront apologies if I am not reading your post correctly.

I don't know if I'm alone on this, but I was horrified by your post.

Please let me know your husband is receiving more than something per a post suggestion. With bits and bobs added here and there. And stuff someone suggested.

And I fail to see the relevance of what another patient is taking.

I fear John could well be right and if so, the source of depression could well be untreated Parkinson's.

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Sorry for the confusion of my post. My husband is under the care of an excellent doctor, who, unlike many neuros, is very open to alternative medications for PD. Zandopa being a main component. So far so good. We are following more of an ayurvedic approach. Have been adding homeopathic that are in clinical studies. Trying to avoid the standard FDA approach. I saw, first hand with my grandmother, what some of these drugs can do...I'm sure many of you know all too well. Many posts here say they hope to lower or get off Sinemet and use Zandopa. This is not a one size fits all, as we know. Just turning to others here for shared knowledge. I appreciate everyone who takes the time for feedback. Not reckless, I assure you.

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Could you please give us the info of this doctor , I am very open to alternate medications .



Well please accept apology already sent! I read your post and had a nightmare vision of a poor chap imprisoned by a mad lady trying lotions and potions etc.

I exagerate slightly but relieved to find you are under control and he's lucky to have you cairing for him.

Hope you get to bottom of problem causing his fatigue and frequent naps John's suggestion that depression is possible cause sounds feasible, I have played round the edges of depression for some time and find exercise of any form a way to keep it under control and avoid any pills stronger than mild tranquilisors to kick start the process, mainly to relax at night and encourage good sleep. Even if not depressed it's not going to cause harm and spin off benefits like occupying some of the time wasted watching daytime television or staring at blank walls is put to good use and might meet people to chat to, and guess what, I now have a game plan for tomorrow! So thanks for your time and your husband is welcome to use this plan!


I just read your post.   I'm interested in alternative treatment your husband is doing.  Are you still following this and how is he doing?   Would be very interested in everything he is taking.  So far haven't found anyone to help me in this area.


Hi Nehd. I am under the impression that depression and fatigue go hand in hand. Depression is a major symptom of Pd. Has your husband been treated for depression as part of his Pd?



My wife uses dispersable madopar 50/12.5mg "on demand" as and when she is in an "off" state, and it works very well, often in 20-30 minutes, she is restricted to three per day maximum, this augments her Stalevo four times per day and requip 8mg in the morning.

Hope this helps



I remembered that years ago, my grandmother with PD, who was fighting fatigue, would get a Vitamin B 12 shot. She responded so well we'd be off to dinner or whatever and whenever she could do it. Suggested this to our family doctor for my husband. He took some blood to check his level than gave him a shot....Seems to really help. Don't know how long it will last and will check with the Dr. about B-12 packets...he has patients who use them but all say it's not the same "kick" as the shot...which would figure. It helps some and not others...( what else is new??) so just a thought....


If we don't have enough dopamine we are tired. By diagnosis time we are running on 30% of what we need. I have energy only when my dopamine replacement pills are working. Even so some people with PD experience chronic tiredness rather like chronic fatigue.

I suspect your husband is running on very low levels of dopamine and some things may help such as B12 but also replacing the dopamine he lacks. However it is difficult to know what to do as you also describe the hallucinations he is having. Best wishes in your search.


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