Had DBS in July, No tremors but have taken a nose dive in other areas, anyone else have this experience?

What a gift with no tremors but now I'm experiencing what feels like some late stage symptoms. Typing this is very slow and difficult, my walk is shuffling with forward movement, almost falling lots. Slow and uncoordinated. Brain slow and difficult to coordinate, getting overwhelmed easilyl Handwriting small

This has come on fast and hard, withing the last 3 weeks, with daily (feels like anyway) progression. Anyone else have this experience since DBS?

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  • My husband had DBS3 years ago. His tremor is also nearly absent but his balance worsened and he began to fall almost daily since his surgery. Has seen 4 different doctors, multiple programming sessions, it has been difficult to improve and he still has bad balance. Doctors say this is how his body responded to the DBS, some say that position of the electrodes can cause secondary effects, so far no real solution, but the benefit for tremor is still very good. It is discouraging and doctors don't seem to know enough about DBS to be able to help. Keep working at it with exercise and changes in meds, I wish we could help, but so far haven't found a solution. Positive thinking helps so try to keep your spirit upbeat.

  • I read some info on Medtronic's site that the programming can take up to a year. So yes, I will be patient and not give up...........but this is hard. Thannks for the encouragement.

  • I have had this same problem, your meds need tweaking and possible your DBS unit needs adjusting. PLUS see if you can slow down, when I move to fast everything gets worse, or if I m emotional that is really bad. Have you heard of the PT program BIG N LOUD this is a great help. I recommend it to every Parkie!.

    Hang in there it will get better, tell you Neuro the problems your having they should have some ideas how to help.

  • What is the pt program thanks

  • Physical Therapy Program named BIG AND LOUD Go on U-tube check it out

  • What is the pt program thanks

  • What is the pt program thanks

  • yes, I had dbs in March and I am still hoping for more improvement with my walking. I walk better (hardly any foot dragging) but I walk much slower with a tendency to lean forward, a real shuffle when I'm tired. I know it takes a long time for results, so hoping for more improvement yet. I didn't have tremors, my left leg is stiff and it's hard to walk.

  • Hi Jebbers. Don't give up. go to a neurologist that specialized in adjusting DBS. Could take a long time to get the right adjustment. Good Luck

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