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My OH is on Neuro patches, Azilect, Stavelo, amantadine?(Simmetel) not sure of spelling. I have high Cholesterol and am about to start using the Nutribullet extractor for pure fruit and veg antioxidant drinks. It does say to ask your Doctor prior to drinking these juices if on meds, have any of you other parkies used the Nutribullet for lifestyle changes? x

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  • Yes I have and no problems ...I think they are brilliant

  • Thanks for that Felix007 how long have you been using Nutribullet? if you dont mind my asking what meds your taking and your age? as my OH is 67 and on lots of meds as I listed x

  • Yes its great

  • Please can you say what OH is?

  • OH is other half x

  • Ah, thank you.

  • what is a "nutrubullet"?

  • It's a juicer that you throw everything in to, pips, skin, stalks and germs from the not properly washed hands of the fruit picker. That aside they look great and nothing is wasted unlike a normal juicer that are rather more difficult to drive.

  • That sounds awful Pete-1 I have never eaten any kinds of fruit or veg without washing them first, because you are right about dirty hands of course. Certain pips are not safe to use which is explained. Make sure you wash all your fruit and veg because its not just the fruit pickers, its the germs from people handling them in the store, after using the loo and having a good scratch lol x

  • I have heard that some fruit pips contain cyanide - yum yum. Also I have heard that (I think it was prunes) contain Arsenic and that it is quite possible to eat a lethal dose.

  • yeh, cyanide is in apple pips, but it does not mention anything about prunes at all, maybe they have left them out on purpose?

  • I use a machine called a Ninja which is very similar to a Nutribullet to make vegetable-fruit smoothies. Very healthy. I think the Ninja cost only $60 in the U.S. The doctor recommended I drink these green smoothies daily for the nutrients to treat my Parkinson's. My daughter found these drinks extremely helpful in her attempts to recover from chronic Lyme disease, which disabled her for several years after she was bitten by ticks in Central Asia. Go for it!!


  • Jebbers, Its an extractor, my Brother advised me to get one. It works great for him and other people swear by it. I want it for trying to help lower my high Cholesterol, but I have not started it yet as when it arrives there is lots of reading up to do to know what ingredients you need. I believe it is a smaller and cheaper sort of Vitamix which is supposed to be the best BUT that cost around $500 (USA) I don't think they are available in UK. I am in the UK and have got the Nutribullet for £99.99 so going off my Brothers reports and others I'm hoping it will be worth it in the long run. I am looking forward to a new me lol, but you see my Brother has Cancer and has researched and researched to get himself better, and he is doing great so far, and drinks Nutriblasts made from the Extractor everyday. Do a search on Google. x

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