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Band of Parkies - R&R Blues Band

I live in the Atlanta-Athens, GA area and would like to form a band of folks who have Parkinson's disease (PD) and enjoy playing R&R and Blues. When I'm on medication, I play electric guitar (mostly lead, love to improvise) and when my medication wears off I play harmonica with a pronounced vibrato. Examples of the songs we could attempt are "Shake for Me", "Shaking All Over", "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On", "Shakin' On Down" and others. Although sometimes frustrating, music can also be very therapeutic, especially in a setting where the musicians can all relate!

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That's super! I hope I can continue playing for a few more years.


Hi DeanGreen

I am a Scot, living in England, so unfortunately cannot join your band.

I just had to write because I am a great Jerry Lee Lewis fan (I have even shared a bottle of Scotch with him) and have been learning the 5 string banjo for many many years. Having been a PwP for 11 years, I find that now even on medication my finger dexterity on my left hand is such that I cannot use it (although otherwise I am fit and active (going boxing training twice a week) when medicated)

So, I wish you lots of success and if you ever cut a disk, be sure to let me know

Kind regards and good pickin'



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