Parkinson's Movement

Parkinson's Empowered Launch Event

Parkinson's Empowered Launch Event

Hi All,

I would like to invite people to an awareness raising event called 'A Fresh Look at Parkinson's', to be held in Birmingham, UK on 26th April 2014.

I have created this event as a response to my personal journey of being a PWP. Two years ago I was diagnosed and given a treatment option of medication supported with physiotherapy. After the initial shock and feelings of hopelessness, I picked myself up and decided to embrace PD as a wake up call to live my life fully. As somebody who believes in a holistic approach to health I was committed to finding an alternative to the narrow approach I was offered. Since my diagnosis I have explored and taken on board a number of complimentary and alternative approaches to enable me to lead a fuller and more enriched life.

I have created an organisation called Parkinson's Empowered, where I hope to explore ways to empower PWP's and to broaden perspectives in relation to the use of complimentary and alternative therapies. I am using this event to launch the organisation and build a network of people who also feel strongly about exploring wider options for PWP's.

Please follow the link for the Facebook event for more information:


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