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Lithium for Parkinson's.

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Hello folks. I am new to this community.

I am looking for people who have experience with or have knowledge about using Lithium for Parkinson's.

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Here is Dr. Laurie Mischley's thesis on Lithium Deficiency in Parkinson's :


You may find the following useful regarding very low dose (below 21 mg/day) Lithium Orotate (LO that has a very good safety profile below 21 mg/day and is available without a prescription):


Stay as far as you can from Lithium , I HAS VETY BAD SIDE EFFECTS !! I went into a 2 month coma from becoming Lithium Toxic !!

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Xenos in reply to willieras

Thank you for your input. I hope you are OK now.

May I ask what dose of Lithium caused this reaction ?

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I used 1250mg per day for 9 years , for Bipolar Mania

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Thanks for the precise figure.

‘Dosis sola facit venenum’: only the dose makes the poison.

‘A substance can produce the harmful effect associated with its toxic properties only if it reaches a susceptible biological system within the body in a high enough concentration.’

It is the dose that makes it poisonous📌

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What form of Lithium were you taking that caused your coma?

Thank you!

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willieras in reply to Despe

CAMCOLIT 1250mg as PER Prescription from my Psychiatrist

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I believe this is the pharmaceutical form of Lithium (Carbonate). Lithium OROTATE is a supplement over the counter, it is completely different from what you were taking. It is the Lithium OROTATE we are referring to.

Dr. Mischley recommended Lithium Orotate to my husband.

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pmmargo in reply to willieras

Lithium Carbonate also causes brain shrinkage. My ex-wife took it for over 20 years. I believe alternatives are available now.

What form of lithium is the lithium that appears in the natural product "lithium water?"

it causes pd. i have experience. at the least tardive dyskinesia google lithium cause parkinsons. one of the first thig my mvmnt neuro at UC colorado asked was have you been on lithium..............

I have Parkinson's. My 15-year-old son was on lithium for years. When we increased his dose to 900 mg, he started with a slight tremor. The doctor told us it would go away. Well it never did, only got worse. He was diagnosed with parkinsonism from the lithium! We discontinued it, and he's back to normal. I wouldn't take a chance if I were you

I have seen Dr. Mischley and she had my hair follicles tested for various things including my lithium level. Mine was extremely low so she put me on 20 mg of lithium per day. I started about three weeks ago and have not yet noticed a difference but she swears that lithium levels that are too low increases your symptoms.

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It. took about 6 weeks for me to notice a difference, but I have definitely improved from the lithium! I take 5 mg a day of the Orotate.

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What are the differences that you have observed?

LITHIUM OROTATE is what Dr. Mischley recommends. Lithium carbonate is what people take for Bipolar. It is NOT the same thing.

My husband takes lithium and has done for a good while, as stated by NRyan there are 2 types of lithium the one prescribed by the doctors is lithium carbonate this has many many side effects but as far as i know lithium orotate does not cause these problems, it is excellent for depression and anxiety

My husband and I both take one 5 mg of lithium orotate twice a day. He takes it for his Parkinson's and I take for anxiety. Note this is not the prescription lithium that is prescribed for mental illness and is usually given in high doses. The prescription lithium is synthetic and has side effects like all drugs. Lithium orotate is a natural form of lithium. Lithium has recently been added as a necessary mineral such as magnesium etc. You only need small amounts of lithium orotate and there are no known side effects. You could have you blood check and if you are low you definitely need it.

For more on Lithium Orotate including a video and a full transcript and links to clinical studies, go to:

For around 30 years, holistic Dr. Jonathon Wright, MD has been using lithium orotate on his Washington State Tahoma Clinic patients and himself. He declares:

I’m convinced that lithium is an anti-aging nutrient for human brains. And there are also some very strong reasons to believe that lithium therapy will slow the progression of serious degenerative mental problems, including Alzheimer’s disease, senile dementia, and Parkinson’s disease. Hope that helps.

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Bijiez in reply to Trailing

Iused 5 mg /day is very good,?bija

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Trailing in reply to Bijiez

As I said we take 5mg twice a day for a total of 10mg a day. 10 to 20mg is a normal dose. If you get you blood checked and you are low you may need a higher dose. Of course as they always say it is best to verify this with your own doctor. We go to a homeopathic doctor so she agrees with us. I can tell that it helps me as I don't have as much anxiety and things don't upset me like they use to...even with all the chaos in our world today.

I take 15mg lithium each day in the form of lithium orotate . It has been nothing short of a miracle for me in regards to brain fog and depression.

Which form of lithium do you take?

15mg lithium each day in the form of lithium orotate . It has been nothing short of a miracle for me in regards to brain fog and depression

Can I ask what brand ?

Whatever is cheapest!

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alexask in reply to bassofspades

I think that we should send some Jo Biden's way!

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simonasays in reply to alexask

Why is that?

Bass did you start at 5 mg and increase the dose, or start at 15 mg? Did you have a hair sample assayed?

My dr recommended 10 to 20, so I started on 10. Did good but I do better on 15. 10 got my brain fog to disappear, 15 got my depression to disappear. Maybe I should go to 20? No I never had my hair tested. I believe that , like b1, you may not be deficient but you may still benefit from supplementation.

Hey bassofspades,''''''''''''''did you spread the 15mg ovar the corse of a day or did you tasks 15 mg allatonce?

How long did it take at each stage to feel a difference?

I take it All at once. It takes exactly 2 weeks to kick in .


I concur with that , just like a Multi Vitamin pill.

But I also believe that we should all have a base line test done to know if there are any obvious needs. I am due for a blood letting next week so I asked my GP to add the basics to my Lipids test that I get quarterly. We will see what he thinks are important in his view...

Thanks for the info. Good way to go.

I'm taking the lithium orotate. 10 mg/day. It seems to help with (mostly pandemic related) anxiety. It was recommended to me by bassofspades who heard about it from Dr. Mischley. The advice is that if 20 mg does not work one should not continue to increase the dose.

By the way dementia is expected for those of us with the GBA mutation. So if this prevents dementia I will be grateful. (Of course I try to also use all the other recommendations toward prevention of dementia as well).

No experience with lithium but always wondered about the connection between Parkinsons and bipolar disorder. In the beginning of Parkinsons disease process my husband showed signs of mania...which was out of character, wrote a book in a week. He got a lot accomplished, but scary.

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Taurine and Bipolar



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